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Short-term financing options for Business

  Short term financing options can help an Entrepreneur to make a business successful. Being an Entrepreneur, everyone expects you to understand the most important term in the financial world, 'Cash' or 'Capital'. A successful entrepreneur is one who knows how to play with this word. If you know how to manage, play and bend this word your way, you can actually rule the world. But, then it is one of [...]

Procedure of Company Registration in India

Introduction An Entrepreneur always wants to incorporate his own company. Even after coming up with his own idea, selecting the type of business he wants to form (Sole Proprietorship or LLP or Private Limited Company, etc.) and organizing the whole team including the drafting of business plan and raising funds for the company, his company is still not recognized as a company under the law. According to Companies Act 2013, a company [...]

Copyright Registration in India

Introduction Copyright is the exclusive right to do or authorization of doing the certain actions in respect of cinematography, literature, software programming, arts, drama, instrumental/musical work, or a sound recording. It does not protect the specific idea or information or content but it protects the form and manner in which it is represented. It is applicable to a wide range of innovative, intellectual, scholarly, or artistic forms or works. Across various countries, these include [...]

Documents for Private Limited Company Registration

The documents required for Private Limited Company registration is of extreme importance as a mistake in documents may result in the waste of efforts in the whole process. Private Limited Company under Company Act, 2013 offers flexibility in incorporating different types of companies with varying extent of liability according to the need and business requirement. Hence, a promoter can not only decide whether to form OPC, Public or LLP or Private but [...]

Maintenance Of Minutes Of A Company

Maintenance Of Minutes Minutes are nothing but kind of notes of a particular meeting or any official hearing in a Company. They can also be called protocols. These minutes are the written record of any official and influential gathering of a Company. They are a brief account of all the happenings and attendees of the gathering. They are essential and are even required in certain legal registrations and procedures. Company [...]

IE Code Guide for India

Introduction IE Code is a 10 digit number issued by Director General of Foreign Trade, Department of Commerce, Government of India. This number is mandatory for international trade of Export and Import by any bonafide person/ company starting a business. An application to the Regional Authority of the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) to be made in the Aayaat Niryaat Form 2A (ANF 2A) format in the region where the registered office of the company [...]

Legal Services for Business

Legal Services When you set up your own business there are many things that you need to consider. You need to do so much of research,  plan so many things, come up with strategies and form a good and effective team. Write a business plan and do the marketing as well as raise funds. Amidst all this, you cannot forget about the legal requirements. Legalities are very important and are [...]

MSME Registration in India

Introduction MSME means micro small and medium enterprises. These units serve as the backbone of our country which helps our country to develop economically as well as financially. For supporting these MSME the government of India has started various measures and schemes and one of them is micro, small and medium enterprises act. To avail the benefits provided by the government every MSME registration, though the registration is not mandatory. [...]

Proprietorship Conversion into Private Limited Company

Introduction Comparing a Sole Proprietorship with a Private Limited Company, one similarity that can be pointed out, is that both forms are highly considered by Entrepreneurs while setting up their business. Sole Proprietorship anyhow is easy to set up and the owner has the complete control of the company’s working. In contrast, the private limited company is a bit difficult to set up. However, it is way more reliable, considered as a [...]

Increase in Authorised Share Capital

Increase Authorised Share Capital When an entrepreneur decides to get company registration and settles on the business structure most suited to the purpose of the business and other co-owners, it is essential to decide what the share capital of the company is to be and how can we Increase Authorised Share Capital. The share capital is that part of a company’s equity which has been raised by issuing shares and [...]