Considerations For Obtaining Foreign Trademark Registration

Anything which differentiates a product or a service of a company from the products and services of other companies in the market is usually known as a trademark or a service mark.

The term “Trademark” is generally used in distinguishing the goods or products of a specific company from other companies; on the other hand, the […]

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Sony PlayStation 5 To Be Launched In India After Trademark Settlement

The release date of Sony PlayStation 5 continues to be furtive, forcing the buyers to buy the Sony PlayStation 5 from unofficial sources. Even though they are sold at an extremely high price, still people are buying them. Sony has warned these people against buying Sony PlayStation 5 from such anonymous areas. The makers of the […]

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Cancellation Of a Registered Trademark In India : Complete guide

Indian trademark law provides for the cancellation registered trademark if, for a constant period of 5 years and 3 months from the date on which the mark was entered into the Trade Marks Register. The scenarios under which your trademark can be canceled will originate under Section 47 of the Trademark Act, 1999. […]

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How to check Trademark Status After entering to trademark procedure, it is important to check your Trademark status timely. Here is the various status of Trademark application that you must know;

The concept of Trademark status

With the advent of Trademark registration online in India, the efficiency and transparency of the trademark filing have improved. Now, the application of trademark can be tracked online and various actions could also be taken by a trademark expert or the application […]

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Trademark Act in India

Trademark India

The term trademark refers to the protection available for certain names, symbols, devices, or words that are used in connection with a good or services. So, any mark associated with any service is known as “service mark.” On the other hand, the trademark is basically used to denote the associated marks with goods and services. […]

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