eFORM ACTIVE (INC-22A): Applicability, Filing Fee And Requirements

An online form for the address validation of a company is known as eFORM ACTIVE INC-22A (Applicable Tagging Identities and Verification) . If a company wants to change it’s registered address, it can be done through eFORM ACTIVE. It is compulsory to fill the INC-22A form for the authentication of their registered office address. This has […]

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Procedure & Precautions to take before filing for DIR-3 KYC To avoid Disqualification, verify that you have these documents are ready with you.


The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (“MCA”)in its notification of July 5, 2018, has made it mandatory for every person holding Director Identification Number (DIN), that means, all directors of any company, and all partners/directors of LLP, must get his DIR-3 Know your Client or DIR-3 KYC, updated  with the MCA within […]

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