Important information to be aware of while registering a Trademark online

The Trademark Act of 1999 provides protection for trademarks and their rights. Trademarks can be defined as special, distinctive signs that are used to distinguish products or services coming from a particular business. Designs, images, signs, or even expressions are examples of these. It is significant as a way to set your items apart from those […]

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How to check Trademark Filing Status?

E-filling of the trademark application has created United Nations agency {the entire the complete the full the total} method of trademark registration quite uncomplicated and fewer effortful for all the companies who are attempting to secure their belongings.

Once you register your trademark, you may be issued AN acknowledgment receipt with a Permanent Trademark variety […]

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What are the different types of trademark infringement?

What is a trademark?

A trademark is a word, image, or expression, used to recognize a specific producer or merchant’s items and recognize them from the results of another. For instance, the trademark “Nike,” alongside the Nike “swoosh,” recognize the shoes made by Nike and recognize them from shoes made by different organizations (e.g. Reebok or […]

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All you need to know about Trademark Search Before registering a Trademark it is essential to check for violations/ infringement of existing trademarks as it can raise objections in the eyes of the law.


LegalRaasta’s Trademark Search is a one-stop shop for all your trademarks searching needs. It gives a bird’s eyes view of all the things required in a trademark search. It provides a list of all well-known trademarks, prohibited marks, Vienna code classification, and International Non-Proprietary Names. At a quick glance, you would be able to eliminate […]

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