How RERA benefits the home-buyers?

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Since long, the real estate transactions were lopsided and, invariably, in favor of the developers. The Indian Government intended to bring a more equitable and fair transaction between the seller and the buyer, in the property market. The Real Estate Regulation and Development (RERA) Act, 2016 has been implemented by the Indian Parliament to safeguard the interests [...]

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RERA- Impact on home buyers

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INTRODUCTION RERA (Real Estate Regulation and Development Act) 2016 brings a legitimatization in the real estate sector by introducing some amazing reforms and transparency and timely accountability. The Act enhances the mechanism and takes care of the grievances. It promotes the effectiveness of the Real Estate Transactions and protects the consumers. The objectives of the RERA [...]

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Registration of Project under RERA

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What is RERA?   The real estate sector in India is among one of the top contributors towards the GDP(Gross Domestic Product) along with employment generation. Surprisingly, however, despite being a huge contributor towards the GDP, real state sector had gone unregulated for a long period of time. In order to rectify the situation of an [...]

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