Maintenance Of Minutes Of A Company

Maintenance Of Minutes Minutes are nothing but kind of notes of a particular meeting or any official hearing in a Company. They can also be called protocols. These minutes are the written record of any official and influential gathering of a Company. They are a brief account of all the happenings and attendees of the gathering. They are essential and are even required in certain legal registrations and procedures. Company [...]

MSME Registration in India

Introduction MSME means micro small and medium enterprises. These units serve as the backbone of our country which helps our country to develop economically as well as financially. For supporting these MSME the government of India has started various measures and schemes and one of them is micro, small and medium enterprises act. To avail the benefits provided by the government every MSME registration, though the registration is not mandatory. [...]

Proprietorship Conversion into Private Limited Company

Introduction Comparing a Sole Proprietorship with a Private Limited Company, one similarity that can be pointed out, is that both forms are highly considered by Entrepreneurs while setting up their business. Sole Proprietorship anyhow is easy to set up and the owner has the complete control of the company’s working. In contrast, the private limited company is a bit difficult to set up. However, it is way more reliable, considered as a [...]

Section 8: Can Make A Difference?

Introduction Section 8 Company, according to The Companies Act 2013, is a company which promotes Art, Science, and Commerce, education, Sports, Social Welfare, Research, Charity, Religion, Environment and similar objects. Their income, as well as profit, is supposed to be used for promoting these objects. Section 8 Company, like any other company, has to go through a proper registration procedure. But, it is still quite different in comparison to other companies. [...]

All about Private Limited Company: A Complete Guide

Private Limited Company A private limited company is a company which is privately held for small businesses. The liability of the members of a Private Limited Company is limited to the amount of shares respectively held by them.Shares of Private Limited Company cannot be publically traded. Alll the aspects of Private Limited Company is discussed in the article. Characteristics of Private Limited Company Members– To start a company, a minimum number of [...]

Close Private Limited Company in India

Introduction Shutting down a private ltd. company is a challenging process. However, if you are the owner of an incorporated business in the form of a Private Limited Company, then it is even more so. A Pvt. Ltd. Co. can be shut down in several manners depending upon the requirements of the business owner – Sell the company (if possible); Declare the company ‘defunct’ and shut it down; or ‘Wind [...]

Characteristics of a Private Limited Company

Introduction Private limited company is held by few individuals privately having a separate legal entity. In this, the shareholders cannot trade publicly shares. It restricts its number of shares to 50. Shareholders cannot sell their shares without the approval of other shareholders. It is a company which restricts the right of its members to transfer its shares and it doesn't send the invitation to the public for subscription of its [...]

Formation of Private Limited Company in India

Introduction When we think of starting a company, we face a skeptical question of its cost involved. With fear of high cost, we drop the idea and miss the opportunities around. With the internet and transparent pricing, more and more business entities are opting for a private limited company. We have thrown light on the formation of private limited company, the cost involved in starting and running a private limited [...]

MSME Benefits

Introduction MSME (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises), as the name suggests, includes enterprises that are at a medium or below the medium level with respect to the terms of production and investment. MSME, in India, follows The MSMED Act, 2006 that is The Micro Small and Medium Enterprises Development Act, 2006. Classification of an enterprise is done in terms of investment. MSME forms a vital part of any country's growth. [...]

Requirements for becoming the director of a Company

To become the director of a company, there are some conditions which have to be fulfilled by the person who wants to become the director of a company. These conditions to become the company's head are discussed in this article. One of the most important people in the company is its director. A director of a company is a person who supervises all the activities in the company. There are [...]

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