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Factors considered by Venture Capitalists

Venture capital is putting resources quite often into organizations that are now in business and have exhibited the possibility to end up stars or, even better, whizzes in their industry. Nothing energizes financial speculators more than an organization with an item or administration that is now being purchased by fulfilled clients. Funding quickens the commercialization of new items and administrations; it from time to time pays for the introductory improvement of [...]

Partners in a Partnership Firm

Introduction A partnership firm is a form of business in which a group of people, also known as partners, come together. They set up their firm and provide services and products through it. However, a partnership firm is not considered to be a separate legal entity. Partners share all the profit and losses amongst each other. There is an unlimited liability given to all the partners. To become a partner [...]

Corporate Identification Number (CIN)

Introduction In the very beginning, during the time of incorporation of a company, it is a given unique code used for the identification of the company. This code is called the Corporate Identification Number (CIN). This code is provided to each and every company, irrespective of it being private, public or one person. Corporate Identification Number of every company is mentioned in the corporate directory and you can easily locate [...]

Section 8 Company

Introduction The section 8 is very similar to section 25 of the old company act and enables the government to register any association with charitable objectives such as to promote sports, commerce, art and culture, education, research etc as a limited company, without adding the words 'Pvt. Ltd.' The income of the Company must be used to promote the charitable object only. The central government provides a license to all [...]

Documents required to obtain TAN

For TAN registration no particular document or proof of identity is required. For obtaining TAN, Form 49 B needs to be filled and submitted. The process for registration is stated below- You can fill and submit the form 49 B online or send a completed Form 49 B to any TIN Facilitation Centre of NSDL. It is easy to apply electronically. If you find any error in your form, rectify it and resubmit it [...]

Subsidiary Registration in India

A Subsidiary Company is also commonly known simply as a subsidiary or a sister company; and the company which practices control over it, is known as the parent company, or holding company. A subsidiary company can be controlled by the parent company partially or completely. For setting up a subsidiary, the parent company must own at least 50% of the subsidiary. When the holding company owns 100% of the subsidiary [...]

Angel Funding v/s Venture Capital

The funding choice for start ups is one of the important decision as after taking the funding a startup needs to work with it and return the money within the required time with the interest. Once a funding choice for start ups has been chosen, it cannot be undone so choosing it becomes a very important decision. Startups primarily require two equally important things, which are: Customers; and Funding choice [...]

How To Change Company Name

Setting up a company and getting it registered legally is a very big and tiresome process. But no one can deny the need and the importance of the registration. Companies are considered to be separate legal entities. These companies can be public or private, limited or unlimited. All these tags are given according to the owner's requirements. In the whole process, of coming up with an idea, registering the company [...]

Memorandum and Articles of Association

Memorandum and Articles of Association are the legal documents of the company which must be compulsorily formed when a person is incorporating a Company. Memorandum of Association defines the relationship of a company with the outsiders. It also comprises of the names of all the shareholders, the number of shares held by them in the company and the proper address of the registered office of the company. When an Entrepreneur decides to incorporate his [...]