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Section 8: Can Make A Difference?

Introduction Section 8 Company, according to The Companies Act 2013, is a company which promotes Art, Science, and Commerce, education, Sports, Social Welfare, Research, Charity, Religion, Environment and similar objects. Their income, as well as profit, is supposed to be used for promoting these objects. Section 8 Company, like any other company, has to go through a proper registration procedure. But, it is still quite different in comparison to other companies. [...]

Section 8 Company

Introduction The section 8 is very similar to section 25 of the old company act and enables the government to register any association with charitable objectives such as to promote sports, commerce, art and culture, education, research etc as a limited company, without adding the words 'Pvt. Ltd.' The income of the Company must be used to promote the charitable object only. The central government provides a license to all [...]