Trademark application status

The trademark applicants must monitor the status of their application. As monitoring, the status of registration or application ensures that all documents are timely acted. Documents by the applicant must be sent to USPTO and received from USPTO. The applicant can easily review the status of the application by visiting the website of USPTO. By reviewing the application you will not miss any important detail or update. How to check Trademark [...]

Trademark Advantages

Owner of the trademark enjoys the various trademark advantages as the trademark registration plays an important role in the success of the business and legal rights of the trademark owner. Applicant needs to file the trademark application by fulfilling all the requirements along with the prescribed fees. The registered trademark protects logo or brand which is used in course of business transactions or trading goods and services. Trademark differs from [...]

Trademark Registration Steps

Trademark registration steps include the proper process in order to get any mark registered. Trademark Registration is necessary for any logo or brand. The trademark is one of such intangible assets which provides protection to the brand, brand owner. Also, it provides protection to the business from any kind of misuse done by any other business. Trademark can be the following Visual symbols Signs Logo Brand name The combination, etc. Trademark [...]

Trademark Overview

Trademark Overview Trademark is well understood as a visual representation in the form of a logo, word, phrase, design, etc on the product. The sign which is used by the company as a brand to the class of product or a particular product. Trademark distinct the mark of the company from the product of any other person or manufacturer. It is fruitful in order to make the association of product [...]

Difference between Word, Logo & Logo Composite Mark

Introduction Entrepreneurs often face a dilemma regarding what to trademark so as to protect their product and service. Many brands have trademarked their color combination in packagings in the case of Cadbury's, Parle-G and some have even trademarked the positioning of their labels as in the case of Levis Jeans. Today, the companies have trademarked everything ranging from the packaging, color, name, logo, sign, diagram, picture, writing to even sound and smell. Although, less [...]

Trademark Registration Process in India

Introduction Trademark registration process in India is required if a company/individual intend to possess the complete ownership of the mark and intend to protect it from the misuse by the third party. Trademark registration gives legal right to take appropriate action against the third party against an infringement of the trademark. Registering a trademark gives the owner exclusive right to use it for its products and/or services. If the trademark registration process is followed [...]

Cost of Trademark Registration

Trademark Registration Cost Trademark is a sign or a symbol used by one businessman to distinguish their goods and services from other businesses. It is commonly used by various entrepreneurs in today’s market. An individual, business or legal entity can be an owner of the trademark. We can see many businesses using their trademark or the packaging of the product or on the product itself. It provides you with the [...]

Rejection of Trademark Application

Introduction Nowadays, a large number of companies have started obtaining a trademark registration.  Getting your trademark registered takes a long period of time in India. Sometimes this time period exceeds from 12 to 18 months. It’s a long wait period for every company, therefore, many firms start using their trademark even before getting the registration. Using trademark before the completion of registration process involves a risk as trademark application can [...]

Documents for Trademark Registration

Documents for Trademark Registration The most important documents for trademark registration as follows: Soft copy of the trademark.  In the case of an individual or an HUF Identity proof and; Business registration document (if available). In the case of Company/LLP Shops Establishment License; Certificate of Incorporation and; Address proof of the company. In case of Partnership firm The Partnership Deed. Apart from these, there are no particular documents to be [...]

Benefits of Trademark Registrations

Introduction With the introduction of the Company Act 2013, the trademark registrations have become significant for any business entity. With the increasing awareness about trademark and intellectual property, more than thousands of “marks” each year are registered trademark. According to new Company Act 2013, the company cannot have the name similar to the registered trademark. Hence, obtaining trademark registration is a vital part of starting any business entity. In this article, we have thrown [...]

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