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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is GST API or connector?

GST API and connector is a script provided by LegalRaasta which help external softwares / app connect with the GST portal. This GST API can help you submit GST return, GST registration & GST payment directly from your software. For example, if you are an accounting software, your users will not have to retype the return data at the government portal. GST return can be filed directly from your software – the API will fetch the data and submit it to the government GST portal or LegalRaasta return filing portal for review.

How can I connect my app/ software with LegalRaasta GST API?

We will share the data fields and the response request details with you. Your software just needs to make a request to our API with the required fields and our API will fetch the data and create a return.

What are the charges for LegalRaasta GST API? How will LegalRaasta make money?

Usage of LegalRaasta return filing API is free for software / app company. However, LegalRaasta will be charging a nominal amount for filing return from the end client.

Will LegalRaasta team intgrate the GST API or will we have to do it on our own?

For companies with more than 1000 return filing requests (estimated) monthly, LegalRaasta team will work actively to intergrate the GST API. For small players, LegalRaasta will release the code & you can intergrate the API on your own. We will provide support if required.

How can GST return filing be done directly through the API?

LegalRaasta has release a GST return filing API. You will need to submit all the required fields (return filing) and user credentials to the GST API script. Our script will auto-process the entries and display the output to the user for review. Once the user is satisfied with the output, they can submit their GST return to the government.

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