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Top GST apps in the market

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Introduction GST or Goods and Services Tax is a form of tax which was launched on 1st July 2017 and it has replaced nearly 18 indirect taxes overall. Because there was a lot of confusion to the business owners, many companies have launched GST app. Read on How to register yourself as a GST user using [...]

How to download GST certificate

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Overview The Good and Services Tax (GST) was introduced on 1st July 2017. This tax is responsible for removal of many other taxes like VAT (Value Added TAX), CST, Luxury Tax, Entertainment Tax, and the list goes on. Under this, every company/business with a turnover of more than Rs.20 lakh has to register themselves and this [...]

GST Seva Kendra : A GST helpline for taxpayers and businesses

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What is GST Seva Kendra? It was introduced by the CBEC in  February 2017, to provide help to the taxpayers and businesses. After, then making them do GST registration. It eases to direct the doubts, complaints and queries associated with  GST, GST return filing along with its procedure and GST registration. Even, they connect with the issue of [...]

10 ways to contact GST Helpline

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Nowadays that people and taxpayers have a question linked to the New tax system that is GST.GST is a good and service tax that is essential for selling goods for domestic consumption. So forgiving solutions to the questions the government has created GST Helpline with an expert team of executives who will guide millions of taxpayers.T [...]

Meaning and the format of Proforma Invoice

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Meaning of Proforma invoice The general term Proforma invoice is basically a document that provides information related to the particulars of the goods and services yet to be delivered to the buyer/customer. It has the details of the estimated prices for available goods or services. Besides, contains the estimate of any commissions, applicable taxes, the weight [...]

What is GST Council and who are the members

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GST council In India, the government has formed a GST council to govern the rules of the Goods and Services Tax. It is basically a key decision-making body that will take all important decisions related to the GST. This council dictates tax rate, tax exempted, the due date of forms, tax laws, and tax deadlines, keeping [...]

New GST Return Format – Sahaj and Sugam for small taxpayer

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On July, 21st 2018, in the 28th GST Council Meet the new and simple GST Return filing system was introduced. Sahaj and Sugam are the two new format introduced. These new formats were introduced to benefit the taxpayers with turnover below 5crs. The number of these taxpayers is nearly 90%. Benefits of Sahaj and Sugam The small [...]

GST Penalty, Offences, and Appeals The implementation of the Goods and Services Tax comes with rules and regulations. Non-compliance with the same could lead to the imposition of

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Overview The implementation of the  GST tax regime has been a welcome change to the way taxes are levied on value addition for delivery of goods and services. In order to comply with the new taxation structure, a business has to register GST number also called GSTIN, file GST returns,  and maintain a high GST compliance rating. Non-Compliance [...]

GST Online verification

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While GST Registration, you might face some problem at the time of GST Number (GSTIN) verification before entering it in your GST Return. So, here in this article, we will make it easier for you to verify your GSTIN by providing detailed information about GST verification procedure. The GST portal enables the businessmen to verify their [...]

What is Goods and services tax in India

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What is Goods and services tax?  Goods and services tax (GST) is a consumption-based tax ultimately borne by the end consumer of goods or service. Businesses and consumers pay GST on their purchases throughout the value chain. It was passed in Parliament on 29th March 2017 but the Act came into effect on 1st July 2017 in India. [...]