Everything to know about GST Amnesty Scheme Update

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The Finance Ministry has collected the most GST since February this year, with a total of Rs.1.05 lakh crore. This is a 10% increase over the sum received in the same month last year. However, a significant number of non-filers of GST remain, especially in the MSME field. If these companies do not file their returns [...]

Finance Ministry Confirms No Maximum GST Liability

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Due to the constant changes being brought to the system, GST Return filing and GST registration have become confusing. Most people trust what they hear from authorities because they think of them as experts. There is a rumor about people getting forced to pay maximum GST liability in cash by the authorities. The Finance Ministry has made things clear by [...]

44th GST Council Meeting: Important Highlights and Newest Updates Held on 12.06.2021

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The 44th GST Council Meeting through video conferencing in New Delhi on, June 12th, 2021, Saturday, under the chairmanship of Union Finance and Corporate Affairs Minister Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman. On June 12, the GST Council lowered tax rates on most COVID-related supplies and exempted medicines used to treat the black fungus infection from taxation. The virtual [...]

HSN Code List and Goods and Services Tax Rate Finder

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GST Tax in India and Why Rate Finder is needed? Goods and Services Tax is the value-added tax levied on almost all Goods sold for domestic consumption as well as services we use within the country. It is a single tax structure removing all the previous central as well as state taxes. Goods and Services Tax [...]

GST Search Online – 3 Ways Verify GSTIN?

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Many use-cases for different companies will necessitate GST search or verification services. Through LEDGERS, Legalraasta offers all customers a free GST search and verification service. Legalrasta also provides GST services and verification through APIs in addition to LEDGERS. For more information on using GST API services, contact a Legalraatsa Business Advisor.  GST Search & Verification  Sign [...]

Search and Find GST Number with Name

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You know that you can locate the GST number of any company or company by typing the company name or by entering the company's first letters. Search GST Number by name: How? You can search for the GST number by name. You've got to be in the right place if you want to search or find [...]