Different types of GST Assessment

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Introduction Assessment is the process of determination of the tax liability of a taxpayer. There are different ways to determine tax liability under the GST law. GST Assessment is required to be done to establish the tax liability of an assessee. Taxation Laws lay down [...]

Dispute resolution mechanism under GST

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Introduction For smooth implementation of GST in our country it is important to have an inbuilt parallel dispute resolution mechanism assuming various issues in GST regime. In international arena two approaches are followed: There must be resolution mechanism There should be a prevention system. It is necessary to save time, money, hassle and closure of trade. Dispute resolution [...]

What is ISD (Input Service Distributor) under GST?

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Meaning “ Input service distributor (ISD) ” means an office of the supplier of goods and/or services, which receives tax invoices issued towards receipt of input services or such other document as prescribed for the purposes of distributing the credit of CGST, SGST. [...]

Procedures for Payment under GST

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Introduction Now the GST will soon be launched, an essential point to note is the process of tax payment. First, it is essential to understand if the individual is qualified for GST tax or not. There are various conditions which the taxpayer can check to understand the criteria [...]