What is GST Seva Kendra?

It was introduced by the CBEC in  February 2017, to provide help to the taxpayers and businesses. After, then making them do GST registration. It eases to direct the doubts, complaints and queries associated with  GST, GST return filing along with its procedure and GST registration.

Even, they connect with the issue of GST migration for the taxpayers. It is a great guide and support for the taxpayers in the arena of all inquiry parallel to GST. It is also named as GST Facilitation centre. One can overlook the official website of GST Council knowing about the details of gst Seva Kendra.


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What is the need for GST Seva Kendra?

It is a advances initiative was taken up to benefit taxpayers and for guiding them to become well-versed in GST. Let’s look at the need of GST facilitation centre in the points given below :

  • GST taxpayers can efficiently reach their nearby Seva Kendra for getting a greater knowledge of the GST to return filing as well as enrollment associated laws and precepts.
  • The intention is to make India tax obedient, for simple acceptance old tax administration to the latest revised Goods & Services Tax (GST) administration.
  • Seva Kendra has a great team of trained and qualified officers. These officers will run under the close administration of superior officers.

Role and Responsibility of GST Seva Kendra

  • They are committed to the stability to support and guide all taxpayers. The specific focus on the small and medium dealers in having genuine knowledge of the GST procedures and laws. Even, these Kendra aims at intensifying legal assent through trust-based communications among the taxpayers and their official administrators.
  • Taxpayers are motivated to visit the Kendras for solving their difficulties faced by them or for inquiring any details or certificates.
  •  GST Seva Officers supports these Seva Kendras. They work under the great guidance of superior officials. GST Seva Officers are exactly passed in every aspect of GST systems and rules. Also, their duty is to oversee and support taxpayers in satisfying their legitimate necessities.

 Services for Taxpayer at GST Seva Kendra

The Taxpayers can clear their doubts and queries related to the services given below :

Benefits of GST Seva Kendra

  • The Seva Kendra work efficiently with the motive of proving the greatest of the services and keep trying to serve the taxpayers and businesses at the best level.
  • The Seva Kendra do the deal in facilitating the proposal is assigned to serving the taxpayers and businesses in GSTR Filing.
  • Seva Kendra of GST featured in eliminating a pattern of taxes that were imposed on the taxpayer before the establishment of the GST period.
  • They guide the taxpayers to shift to GST in the fastest and most beneficial way and take care of the time management. They avoid delay while serving taxpayers and provided swift services.
  • Also, serve the clear and simple registration for GST and specify GST Return Filing activity.

GST Seva Kendra Offices

List of GST Seva Kendra located in the cities is mentioned below. You can determine a suitable location based on your field.

GST Seva Kendra Ahmedabad
Ahmedabad have around 59 Seva Kendra Centres .

GST Seva Kendra Kolkata
kolkata have 194 Seva Kendra Centres .

GST Seva Kendra Jaipur
Jaipur have around 19 Seva Kendra Centres .

GST Seva Kendra Chennai
Chennai have over 55 Seva Kendra Centres .

GST Seva Kendra Pune
Pune have over 40 Seva Kendra Centres .

GST Seva Kendra Delhi
Delhi have 202 Seva Kendra Centres .

GST Seva Kendra Bengaluru
Bengaluru have over 50 Seva Kendra Centres .

GST Seva Kendra Hyderabad
Hyderabad have 70 Seva Kendra Centres.

GST Seva Kendra Mumbai
Mumbai have over 178 Seva Kendra Centres .

For more detailed information of all the GST Seva Kendra office along with

  • Contact name
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Address

You can click on to the link mentioned below and download it.


Seva Kendra is the one-stop centre for every return filing and GST migration etc, related inquiries and doubts.
Seva Kendra’s are formed based on scope and range. Therefore, they are based on the relevant jurisdiction, the taxpayer can reach the adjacent Seva Kendras. Seva Kendra Centre’s can assist with GST queries. Taxpayers can connect to the Centre without an appointment before addressing the Centre for guidance.

If you are confused or in doubt about any process under GST, do not take the stress.

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