HSN code or Harmonized System Nomenclature code number is an internationally adopted commodity description and coding system developed by the World Customs Organization (WCO). HSN code is used by more than 200 countries as a basis for their customs tariffs. Currently, over 98% of the merchandise in international trade is classified under HSN code With the HSN code acting as a universal classification for goods, the Indian Government has decided to adopt the use of HSN code for classification of goods under GST and levy of GST. In this article, here is the list of HSN Chapters from 68-71 which comes under Stone/Glass.

HSN code is used for classifying the goods and services. It has been mandated for suppliers to mention the HSN code in the invoices up to certain digits based on the turnover.

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Here is the list of HSN Chapters from 68-71 :

  • Chapter 68 – Articles Of Stone, Plaster, Cement, Asbestos, Mica Or Similar Material
  • Chapter 69 – Ceramic Products
  • Chapter 70 – Glass And Glassware
  • Chapter 71 – Natural, Cultured Pearls; Precious, Semi-Precious Stones; Precious Metals, Metals Clad With Precious Metal, And Articles Thereof; Imitation Jewellery; Coin
HSN Code Description of Goods Rate
6801 Setts, curbstones and flagstones, of natural stone (except slate) 28
6802 Worked  monumental  or  building  stone  (except  slate)  and  articles thereof, other than goods of heading 6801; mosaic cubes and the like, of natural stone (including slate), whether or not on a backing; artificially coloured granules, chippings and powder, of natural stone (including slate); of marble, travertine and  alabaster, of Granite, of Other calcareous stone 28
6803 Worked slate and articles of slate or of agglomerated slate 28
6804 Millstones,   grindstones,   grinding   wheels   and   the   like,   without frameworks,  for  grinding,  sharpening,  polishing,  trueing  or  cutting, hand sharpening or polishing stones, and parts thereof, of natural stone, of agglomerated nllatural or artificial abrasives, or of ceramics, with or without parts of other materials 18
6805 Natural  or  artificial  abrasive  powder  or  grain,  on  a base of textile material, of paper, of paperboard or of other materials, whether or not cut to shape or sewn or otherwise made up 18
6806 Slag   wool,   rock   wool   and   similar   mineral   wools;   exfoliated vermiculite, expanded clays, foamed slag and similar expanded mineral materials; mixtures and articles of heat-insulating, sound-insulating or sound-absorbing mineral materials, other than those of heading 6811 or 6812 or chapter 69 18
6807 Articles  of  asphalt  or  of  similar  material  (for  example,  petroleum bitumen or coal tar pitch) 28
6808 Panels, boards, tiles, blocks and similar articles of vegetable fibre, of straw or of shavings, chips, particles, sawdust or other waste, of wood, agglomerated with cement, plaster or other mineral binders 28
6809 Articles of plaster or of compositions based on plaster; such as Boards, sheets, panels, tiles and similar articles, not ornamented 28
6810 Pre cast Concrete Pipes 18
6810 Articles of cement, of concrete or of artificial stone, whether or not reinforced;  such  as  Tiles,  flagstones,  bricks  and  similar  articles, Building blocks and bricks, Cement bricks, Prefabricated structural components for Building or civil engineering, Prefabricated structural components for building or civil engineering 28
6811 Articles of asbestos-cement, of cellulose fibre-cement or the like 18
6812 Fabricated asbestos fibres; mixtures with a basis of asbestos or with a basis of asbestos and magnesium carbonate; articles of such mixtures or of asbestos (for example, thread, woven fabric, clothing, headgear, footwear, gaskets), whether or not reinforced, other than goods of heading 6811 or 6813 28
6813 Friction material and articles thereof (for example, sheets, rolls, strips, segments, discs, washers, pads), not mounted, for brakes, for clutches or the like, with a basis of asbestos, of other mineral substances or of cellulose, whether or not combined with textiles or other materials 28
6814 Worked   mica   and   articles   of   mica,   including   agglomerated   or reconstituted mica, whether or not on a support of paper, paperboard or other materials 28
6815 Articles  of  stone  or  of  other  mineral  substances  (including  carbon fibres, articles of carbon fibres and articles of peat), not elsewhere specified or included 28
68 Sand lime bricks 12
6815 Fly ash bricks and fly ash blocks 12
6901 Blocks, tiles and other ceramic goods of siliceous fossil meals (for example, kieselguhr, tripolite or diatomite) or of similar siliceous earths 28
6901 00 10 Bricks of fossil meals or similar siliceous earths 5
6902 Refractory   bricks,   blocks,   tiles   and   similar   refractory   ceramic constructional  goods,  other  than  those  of  siliceous  fossil  meals  or similar siliceous earths 18
6903 Other  refractory  ceramic  goods  (for  example,  retorts,  crucibles, muffles,  nozzles,  plugs,  supports,  cupels,  tubes,  pipes,  sheaths  and rods), other than those of siliceous fossil meals or of similar siliceous earths 18
6904 Ceramic flooring blocks, support or filler tiles and the like 28
6904 10 00 Building bricks 5
6905 Chimney-pots, cowls, chimney liners, architectural ornaments and other ceramic constructional goods 28
6905 10 00 Earthen or roofing tiles 5
6906 Salt Glazed Stone Ware Pipes 18
6906 Ceramic pipes, conduits, guttering and pipe fittings 28
6907 Ceramic flags and paving, hearth or wall tiles; ceramic mosaic cubes and the like,  whether or not on a backing; finishing ceramics 28
6909 Ceramic wares for laboratory, chemical or other technical uses; ceramic troughs,  tubs  and  similar receptacles  of a kind  used  in  agriculture; ceramic pots, jars and similar articles of a kind used for the conveyance or packing of goods 28
6910 Ceramic sinks, wash basins, wash basin pedestals, baths, bidets, water closet pans, flushing cisterns, urinals and similar sanitary fixtures 28
6911 Tableware, kitchenware, other household articles and toilet articles, of porcelain or china 18
6912 Ceramic tableware,  kitchenware,  other household  articles  and  toilet articles, other than of porcelain or china [other than Earthen pot and clay lamps] 18
6912 00 40 Earthen pot and clay lamps 0
6913 Statuettes and other ornamental ceramic articles 28
6914 Other ceramic articles 28
7001 Cullet and other waste and scrap of glass; glass in the mass 18
7002 Glass  in  balls  (other than  microspheres  of  heading 70.18),  rods or tubes, unworked 18
7003 Cast glass and rolled glass, in sheets or profiles, whether or not having an  absorbent,  reflecting  or  non-reflecting  layer,  but  not  otherwise worked 28
7004 Drawn  glass  and  blown  glass,  in  sheets,  whether or not  having an absorbent, reflecting or non-reflecting layer, but not otherwise worked 28
7005 Float glass and surface ground or polished glass, in sheets, whether or not  having  an  absorbent,  reflecting  or  non-reflecting  layer,  but  not otherwise worked 28
7006 00 00 Glass of heading 70.03, 70.04 or 70.05, bent, edge-worked, engraved, drilled, enamelled or otherwise worked, but not framed or fitted with other materials 28
7007 Safety glass, consisting of toughened (tempered) or laminated glass 28
7008 Multiple-walled insulating units of glass 28
7009 Glass mirrors, whether or not framed, including rear-view mirrors 28
7010 Carboys,   bottles,   flasks,   jars,   pots,   phials,   ampoules   and   other containers, of glass, of a kind used for the conveyance or packing of goods; preserving jars of glass; stoppers, lids and other closures, of glass 18
7011 Glass  envelopes  (including  bulbs  and  tubes),  open,  and  glass  parts thereof, without fittings, for electric lamps, cathode-ray tubes or the like 28
7013 Glassware  of  a  kind  used  for  table,  kitchen,  toilet,  office,  indoor decoration or similar purposes (other than that  of heading 7010 or 7018) 18
7014 Signalling glassware and optical elements of glass (other than those of heading 7015), not optically worked 28
7015 Clock or watch glasses and similar glasses, glasses for non-corrective spectacles, curved, bent, hollowed or the like, not optically worked; hollow glass spheres and their segments, for the manufacture of such glasses 18
7016 Paving blocks, slabs, bricks, squares, tiles and other articles of pressed or moulded glass, whether or not wired, of a kind used for building or construction purposes; glass cubes and other glass smallwares, whether or not on a backing, for mosaics or similar decorative purposes; leaded lights and the like; multi-cellular or foam glass in blocks, panels, plates, shells or similar forms 28
7017 Laboratory,  hygienic  or  pharmaceutical  glassware,  whether  or  not graduated or calibrated 18
7018 Glass bangles (except those made from precious metals) 0
7018 Glass beads. 5
7018 Imitation pearls, imitation precious or semi-precious stones and similar glass smallwares, and articles thereof other than imitation jewellery; glass eyes other than prosthetic articles; statuettes and other ornaments of lamp-worked glass, other than imitaion jewelery; glass microsphers not exceeding 1 mm in diameter 18
7019 Glass fibres (including glass wool) and articles thereof (for example, yarn, woven fabrics) 18
7020 Other articles of glass [other than Globes for lamps and lanterns, Founts for kerosene wick lamps, Glass chimneys for lamps and lanterns] 28
7015 10 Glasses for corrective spectacles and flint buttons 12
7020 Globes for lamps and lanterns, Founts for kerosene wick lamps, Glass chimneys for lamps and lanterns 12
7102 Diamonds, non-industrial unworked or simply sawn, cleaved or bruted 3
7103 Precious   stones   (other   than   diamonds)   and   semi-precious   stones, unworked or simply sawn or roughly shaped 3
7104 Synthetic or reconstructed precious or semi-precious stones, unworked or simply sawn or roughly shaped 3