Advantages and Disadvantages of Composition Scheme under GST Composition scheme under GST is a conveinient structure of taxation for small scale business taxpayers. It helps them to escape the complex and comprehensive compliances under GST

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GST and its provisions On 1 st July 2017 the GST taxation system was introduced in India and it has revolutionized the taxation system in India. The VAT regime had many problems and GST seems to have eradicated those problems like the cascading effect of taxes. However, one issue still remains with the GST system, the [...]

Prepare GST Invoice

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Introduction GST Invoice is required to be issued as it is a document evidencing supply of goods and services which become the basis for a charge of tax. Invoicing forms a crucial function when it comes to the purpose of execution of a transaction. On every sale/purchase, an invoice is issued by the supplier i.e. the person [...]