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How to Setup Business in Dubai

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Submission of Documents.

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Obtaining business

Obtaining business license and a visa.

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Obtaining bank account.

Service offered in Dubai for Business Setup

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Setting up a Company in Dubai's mainland is a time-consuming procedure that costs the entrepreneur and their team a lot of money and work. Throughout the process, from choosing the best company structure for your incorporation to renting and setting up your office space, LegalRaasta business setup services help you

Free Zone

The formation of a Freezone business in Dubai means that it will obtain 100% ownership from a foreign investor, zero taxation, and other advantages. As a result of a legal reform by the UAE government, the 100% ownership component is now also available on the mainland.


Offshore businesses are transnational business legal entities that were incorporated outside of the country of residence of the beneficial owner. The merits of incorporating an offshore corporation in Dubai include tax savings, the ability to conduct business abroad, and the city's economy, resources, and infrastructure.

Dubai VISA

A business visa for Dubai enables entry into the United Arab Emirates and a set length of stay. Business visas come in two varieties: visit (for business trips) and resident (For entrepreneur to relocate to other country). For admittance into the UAE, people of various nationalities must meet a number of requirements.

Decision-Making Freedom

Foreign investors who own 100% of their business are free to choose whatever course of action best serves their commercial objectives. Foreign investors won't be bothered by issues of collaboration and congruence anymore, which will benefit the economy of the UAE.

Business diversification

Mainland businesses are permitted to handle a larger range of operations. All you need to do to enable free trade is to re-register your new activity with the Department of Economic Development (DED). It will entice investors to investigate the regional market in Dubai and adjust the model of their enterprise

Opportunity to Manage Government Consignments

Government shipments have made a significant contribution to the expansion of the economy, and opportunities like these would aid companies in achieving more stability and operating at their maximum capacity for business setup in Dubai

Saves Time and money

Time and money are saved since the UAE government now permits many businesses to operate without seeking out local sponsorship. A company can save significant money by using the 100% foreign ownership amendment instead of paying for other formalities in the past. They can now use this time and money for another profitable business setup in the UAE

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