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What is a Inventory Financing?

Inventory financing is a debt-based sourcing solution literally in the form of a line of credit, term loan, or short-term loan that’s made to a company for the quick purpose of purchasing products for sale. It works similarly to equipment financing the inventory itself serves as collateral on the loan.

As long as you repay on time, that inventory is yours to work with as you see fit. But in case you were to fail to make or default on your loan, your lender would have the right repossess your inventory (or any other inventory of similar value) repayment for your debt.

How to apply for Inventory Financing?

Advantages of Inventory Financing?

☞ Allows you to leverage inventory.

☞ Allows your business to accumulate inventory.

☞ Easier to get than conventional financing.

☞ Line can increase as your company grows.

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Frequently asked questions

1.Inventory Financing and Collateral?

☞ The liability of guarantying your family home or assets in the event your operation fails is beyond intimidating especially if you’re in a perilous industry or reeling from short-term financial challenges. And even with the angst factor aside, some business owners just plain don’t have the sort of personal capital required to qualify as sufficient collateral for their loans.

Delinquently, most business lenders require borrowers to offer some form of collateral or personal guarantee. That’s why the capability to use the inventory itself as collateral through inventory financing is such a major perk for borrowers. Lots of business owners who opted inventory financing over other business loan products do so to take eminence of this alternative form of collateral or inventory.

2. How Much Interest Rate You Need to Pay?

☞The rate of interest in Inventory Financing will vary, this is based on market conditions and risk level of your inventory.

3. How Does Inventory Financing Works?

☞ Inventory Financing allows you to finance your inventory after it is purchased. The lending Companies lends funds up to 80% of inventory’s appraised value. However, lenders uses the Net Orderly Liquidation Value (OLD) or the Forced Sale Liquidation Value (FLV). Please note that the OLV and FLV are normally lower in comparison to the market value. Your ability to leverage the Inventory is affected.

4.Who can qualify for Inventory financing?

☞ The seller consents to hand-out a security relevance in its receivables and inventory to the lender as collateral for the objective of securing the loan. In most examples, the lender will need personal guarantees from the seller company’s owners.
☞ Most of the asset-based lenders who lend to borrower depend upon the credit insurance. Credit insurance is in comparison inexpensive and is handed out to reputable sellers by insurance companies to contribute coverage for the receivables.
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