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BIS Registration Procedure

1. Application Filling

On your behalf, we complete the BIS Application Registration form.

2. Payment

Make payment to our team.

3. Document Submission

Please send us the appropriate documents.

4. Certification Issuance

We will mail you a copy of your BIS certificate.

Overview of BIS Certification in India

In order to protect the general public's health and safety, as well as the quality and dependability of the items they receive from suppliers, the Indian government has made BIS Certification mandatory for all enterprises operating in India. Furthermore, it helps BIS Certification is only given after testing a product sample in BIS Certified laboratories; as a result, such BIS-tested and certified goods ensure quality inspection and are high-quality products or goods. This helps to increase customer confidence and trust in the products, provide quality assurance, protect customers from hazardous products, and safeguard public health.

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BIS Certification Types

ISI Mark Certification Process

In order to sell specific products in India, you must have ISI Mark Certification, a product certification program started by the BIS.The ISI mark guarantees that your product complies with all applicable standards and protects consumer safety.

Foreign Manufacturer Certification Scheme

Without the BIS FMCS licence, which is given to international producers in exchange for their adherence to Indian Standards, you would not be able to sell your goods in the Indian market. It comprises tasks like negotiating with newly employed overseas manufacturers or on-the-ground tasks like visiting the client's destination location, gathering samples, sending the sample product to India, etc.

BIS CRS (Compulsory Registration Scheme)

According to this plan, domestically made or imported electronic items must adhere to BIS standards, and if a foreign producer sells their products on the Indian market without a license, they will be subject to BIS Act penalties. The 77 electrical products that fall under this category in India include devices for audio and video, IT hardware, mobile phones, smart card readers, and other similar devices.

Benefits of BIS Certification in India

  •   Markets for cosmetic products are followed by high-quality manufacturing practices.

  •   Provide genuine, trustworthy, and high-quality goods and services.

  •   Reducing the risks that dangerous items pose to consumers' health.

  •   Encouraging import and export alternatives.

  •   Restricting the spread of variations.

  •   Promoting consumer trust with a high standard of quality control.

List of Products

Steel and Steel Products
Cattle Feeds
Reflectors For Bicycles
AC and His Related Parts
Helmets for Two Wheelers
N95 Mask
Eye Protector or Goggles
LED Lights
Surgical Masks

Documents for BIS Certification in India


  • Business License / manufacturing License (If in other languages, English translation is mandatory).
  • Process flow chart.
  • If any, information about other certificates for products or factory systems.
  • Company PAN,GST/IEC and ISO.
  • Director or Authorized Person KYC.
  • Product Diagrams and Internal Drawings.
  • In-house testing Facility.
  • List of manufacturing machinery.
  • A list including information on test equipment and its Calibration Certificate. Information about a quality person.
  • Test report according to Indian Standards.
  • Declaration.
  • AIR (Authorized Indian Representative) Company and authorized person's Details.


  • Form I.
  • Business license.
  • ISO certification.
  • Brand trademark.
  • Brand Authorization letter.
  • Brand declaration letter.
  • Affidavit.
  • Nomination letter.
  • AIR ID Proof.
  • AIR Authorization letter.
  • AIR company GST.
  • Test Report
  • Critical component list.
  • Undertaking.


  • Business License / manufacturing License.
  • MSME Certificate (If applicable).
  • Company PAN,GST/IEC and ISO.
  • Director or Authorized Person KYC.
  • Product Diagrams and Internal Drawings.
  • In-house testing Facility.
  • Details of manufacturing machinery.
  • TradeMark Certificate.
  • Quality Manual and QA Reports.
  • Factory Layout & Process Flow chart.
  • Factory Location with the nearest Landmark.
  • List of test equipment with Calibration Certificate.
  • Forms & Declaration Formats will be provided by us.
  • SubContracting Agreement(If applicable).

BIS Registration Process

1. Online Application Submission

In order to obtain login information, the applicant must submit an application through the BIS online CRS portal by completing the BIS certification form.

2. Product Testing in a BIS-Approved Lab

Applicants must create test requests by checking in with their credentials and requesting that a BIS-approved lab test their product.

3. Application Submission

The applicant must submit an application on the portal within 90 days after the issuance date of the validated Test Report, along with all necessary supporting documentation.

4. Examining the Application

BIS inspectors will examine the test report and all attached files.

5. BIS Certification Licence

BIS certification licence is then issued to the producers, allowing them to affix the Standard Mark with a special R-number to their products.

Our Service Portfolio

  •   ISI Labelled Mask for products like N95 mask, PPE Coverall,Surgical masks, Eye protector or Goggles & Face Shield, PP/HDPE Woven sacks.

  •   System Certification Scheme.

  •   Product Certification & Standardization Scheme(Specially for Electrical & Mechanical Engg. Products).

  •   Compulsory Registration Scheme.

  •   Foreign Manufacturers Certification Scheme for Manufacturing and supply of testing equipment.

  •   Bureau of Energy Efficiency/Star Rating Scheme.

  •   Hall Marking Scheme (for gold, silver & setting up assaying & hallmark center).

  •   Laboratory Recognition Scheme.

  •   Sale of Indian Standards & Promotional Activities.

  •   Consumer Affairs Activities & Training Services at National & International level.

  •   Information Services.

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The BIS certification is a certificate of standards given by the Bureau of Indian Standards to demonstrate to a third party or of items for consumer use quality assurance, dependability, safety, and reliability. Manufacturers who meet the criteria for the public interest, protection of the health of people, animals, or plants, environmental safety, preventing unfair trade practices, and national security are granted licenses by BIS.

The time for BIS Registration will be approx. 30-35 days, including testing time (15-20 days) which is valid for a period of two years and can be renewed thereafter.

Yes, the BIS Act, 2016, which establishes rules for the registration of jewelers, the issuance of licenses to refineries, and the recognition of Assaying and Hallmarking Centres, covers hallmarking as well.

The products covered under the BIS Certification for Certificate of Conformity are mainly 2 types which are Stampings/laminations/cores of transformers with or without winding & Requirement of Retro-Reflective Devices for Bicycles.

Manufacturing Units are essentially given a BIS Registration Certificate so that traders and importers of qualifying products can secure the certification of their goods under the BIS certification.

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