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WPC Certification License

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What is WPC Certification?

The national broadcasting organization, WPC (Wireless Planning & Coordination), which is a division of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, was established in 1952 and is currently run by Saral Sanchar Online Portal. Therefore, in order to sell, import, or export goods in India that feature radio or wireless functionality, you must have an ETA (EQUIPMENT TYPE APPROVAL) certificate from WPC India. Additionally, you need a WPC Certificate license from the Wireless Planning & Coordination wing of India if you want to operate any wireless device business. This includes devices with Bluetooth, wireless local area network access technology (Wi-Fi), small digital radios (Zigbee), radio frequency identification (RFID), and many more.

Approvals Issues By WPC Certification

Equipment Type Approval (ETA) Approval License

A manufacturer must get a WPC Equipment Type Approval (ETA) certificate in order to operate in the de-licensed frequency spectrum; otherwise, a WPC certification license is not necessary. Mobile phones, Bluetooth gadgets, WiFi technologies, RFID, and other items are included.

Demonstration License

To demonstrate wireless equipment, you need a non-network type license that can only be used on specific frequencies and emissions. To obtain this license, you must have a valid dealer possession permit.

Experimental Licence

You must obtain an experimental license and a DPL license in order to conduct an experiment on wireless equipment, which requires a network license.

Internet Service Provider (ISP) License

The company that wishes to offer internet services in India must obtain an Internet Service Provider (ISP) licence.

Dealer Possession Licence (DPL)

DPLs are provided to wireless product dealers and distributors and allow for the sale and purchase of wireless devices by individuals without a valid licence.

Non-Dealer Possession Licence (NDPL)

An NDPL is given to a person or business that neither qualifies as a dealer nor holds a WPC certification licence.

Import Licence

This licence, which is given to manufacturers so they can bring their goods into India, specifies a limit for how many products are allowed to be brought in.

Document Requirement for WPC ETA Certificate Approval

  •   If the liaison office for the manufacturer of AIR was located in India.

  •   If there is no liaison office in India, appoint AIR for international manufacturers.

  •   For the WPC ETA license, there is no AIR for domestic manufacturers.

  •   Copies of the GST registration and company registration.

  •   ID and address verification of the license holder for WPC Certification.

  •   Radiofrequency test report from a NABL Indian lab or a foreign lab accredited to ISO 17025.

  •   Product technical specifications and Letter of Authorization.

  •   In the case of imports, IEC and Purchase Order.

WPC ETA Certification Process

1. Examining the EN Standard and RF-Test Report

The examination of the EN Standard and the frequency range specified in the product's RF-Test report is the first stage in getting WPC ETA certification. If the range is covered by a required device, a self-declaration certificate is provided; otherwise, a DE Licence is required.

2. Paperwork Submission

The next step is to submit paperwork, both online and offline, to the WPC Authority for a particular kind of license after checking the frequency range from the RF-Report.

3. Make Payment

After entering your login details, pay the required fee via the government website to obtain a WPC certification on the Saral Sanchar website.

4. Document Verification

WPC officials will check the paperwork and the RF test report; if any paperwork is missing, the WPC will request a clarification report.

5. Issuance of WPC ETA Certificate

A WPC certificate will be issued if WPC officials are pleased with all of the product's documentation and test results.

List of Mandatory Products Under WPC

Bluetooth Headphones
Hotspot Devices
Smart Home Gateway
Wifi Router
Wifi Smart Watch
Wireless Keyboard
Wireless Mouse
Wireless Nano USB
Wireless Pendrive
Wireless POS Terminal
Wireless Speakers


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The agency established under the Agency of Telecommunications must certify WPC, which is used for certifying the license requirements for radio frequencies, internet devices, radio, and other wireless devices of various types. WPC is an acronym for wireless planning and coordination.

It is crucial to be specific with the model number and the frequency band. The applicant must ensure that the technical requirements comply with the unique specifications as stated. The gadget must be wireless and operate on a de-listed frequency.

The Indian government's Ministry of Communications is in charge of the Wireless Planning & Coordination Wing (WPC), which is in charge of issuing amateur radio licenses, allocating the frequency spectrum, and monitoring the frequency spectrum.

Equipment Type Approval (ETA), Type Approval, Experimental Approval, Dealer and non-Dealer Possession Licences, and Import Licences for radio equipment are among the types of WPC Registrations that are conducted by the Authority.Only the WPC ETA registration is needed for foreign producers.

If all the necessary paperwork and information are submitted on time, the registration for the WPC (ETA) can be finished in less than 25 to 30 working days. You can also use our advisor's help, who can complete the registration in only 5 days.

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