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Increase in Authorised Share Capital

Increase Authorised Share Capital When an entrepreneur decides to get company registration and settles on the business structure most suited to the purpose of the business and other co-owners, it is essential to decide what the share capital of the company is to be and how can we Increase Authorised Share Capital. The share capital is that part of a company’s equity which has been raised by issuing shares and [...]

All about Private Limited Company: A Complete Guide

Private Limited Company A private limited company is a company which is privately held for small businesses. The liability of the members of a Private Limited Company is limited to the amount of shares respectively held by them.Shares of Private Limited Company cannot be publically traded. Alll the aspects of Private Limited Company is discussed in the article. Characteristics of Private Limited Company Members– To start a company, a minimum number of [...]

Characteristics of a Private Limited Company

Introduction Private limited company is held by few individuals privately having a separate legal entity. In this, the shareholders cannot trade publicly shares. It restricts its number of shares to 50. Shareholders cannot sell their shares without the approval of other shareholders. It is a company which restricts the right of its members to transfer its shares and it doesn't send the invitation to the public for subscription of its [...]

Registration procedure of Private Limited Company

Introduction A private limited company is the most common form of business entity in India. It is easy to maintain and raise funds, offers limited liability to its members, offers flexibility, easy bank loan accessibility. The registration procedure of a Private Limited Company is a little bit complex but can be done by following these simple steps mentioned below. Basic requirement There must be at least 2 members in the [...]

Requirements for becoming the director of a Company

To become the director of a company, there are some conditions which have to be fulfilled by the person who wants to become the director of a company. These conditions to become the company's head are discussed in this article. One of the most important people in the company is its director. A director of a company is a person who supervises all the activities in the company. There are [...]

Pvt Ltd Company: Companies Act, 2013

Introduction Companies Act 2013 passed by the Parliament in August 2013 consolidates and amends the law related to corporate affairs or simply companies. A Pvt Ltd company which can have a minimum of two members and can go as far as to two hundred members have limited liability of its members but has many similar characteristics as of a Partnership firm. A Pvt Ltd Company must have a minimum of two directors [...]

Types of Directors as per Companies Act 2013

INTRODUCTION According to "Section 2(34) of Companies Act 2013 " a director is appointed to the Board of a Company. There are many types of directors which have a different role to play accordingly. Here in this article we will discuss types of directors in a company according to the companies act, 2013. TYPES OF DIRECTORS Residential Director: - According to Section 149(3) of Companies Act,2013, Every company should appoint a director who has stayed in [...]

Documents required to obtain TAN

For TAN registration no particular document or proof of identity is required. For obtaining TAN, Form 49 B needs to be filled and submitted. The process for registration is stated below- You can fill and submit the form 49 B online or send a completed Form 49 B to any TIN Facilitation Centre of NSDL. It is easy to apply electronically. If you find any error in your form, rectify it and resubmit it [...]

Differences between Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) and Partnership

LLP and Partnership Firm are both the types of business formations through which Partnership business can be done. LLP is a new concept while Partnership is an old concept. LLP and Partnership are different as Partnership is an old concept while LLP is a newly established concept introduced in India by Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008. Under the partnership, each partner owns a share of the business. This is a business [...]

Certificate of Commencement of Business

Introduction There are certain rules and regulations you need to follow while establishing anything and everything. These rules and regulations help you form a strong base for your work. These rules are especially mandatory when dealing with any legal venture. Similarly, when you set up your business, you need to follow certain rules and regulations, prescribed by the Government. It gives your entity a legal identity as well as provides [...]

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