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How to deal with an audit from FSSAI or FDA?

Types of Audit- Scheduled Audits- FSSAI/FDA officials inform Food Business Operators (FBOs) in advance when the audit is to be done. The benefit is FBOs get sufficient time to prepare their documents well. Unscheduled Audits- Surprise!!! FSSAI/FDA officials are at your doorstep to give you a shock. This creates hassle among FBOs because of [...]

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All You Need to Know about the Shops and Establishment Act

The basic definition of a shop is an outlet where goods are sold in retail or in wholesale, or services are provided whether online or in person. An establishment is any place (including a shop) which constitutes as a place of service. For example, commercial establishments, residential hotel, eating houses, theater, public places of [...]

Full safety for imported food

  To increase the safety of the imported food, Food Safety and Standards Authority of India with the Custom and Excise Department made 125 places all over India for imports and clearances. This was made as part of the government’s push to ensure safety for the food business holders. The special grade custom officers are [...]

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Food Corporation of India receives 25000 Crore

  Food Corporation of India   In this fiscal quarter, the Food Corporation of India received 25,000 Crore INR from Ministry of Finance for the second time. Because of implementation of food safety legislation, the food department has faced a financial deadlock so the officials from the Department of Public Distribution wanted the funds [...]

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Package of your Food

After setting up your business, the first thing is to look at the safety and also how much quality you maintain while you package your food. The important reasons why you should put some more focus on the packaging: It gives level of identity to the product Let's take an example of Frooti and [...]

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Food Hygiene Training to street vendors in Delhi

Food Hygiene Training to all street vendors in Delhi On the occasion of three day street food festival in Delhi, Pawan Aggarwal CEO, FSSAI has announced a project of food safety and hygiene training to all street vendors in Delhi. FSSAI License, Delhi government in collaboration with National Association of Street Vendors of India (NASVI [...]

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