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Importance of FSSAI License

The importance of FSSAI License can be understood by the statement below: Any person desirous to commence or carry on any food business shall make an application for grant of a license to the Designated Officer in such manner containing such particulars and fees as may be specified by regulations. -Food Safety And Standards [...]

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FSSAI License- Basic, Central or State? Whether the business firm is eligible for basic FSSAI License registration, Central license or State License is decided on the basis of the annual income of the business enterprise. Upto 12 lakhs: Basic license 12-20 Lakhs: Central License Above 20 Lakhs: State License Registration For Basic License [...]

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Know All About FSSAI License!

FSSAI, short for Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, is an agency of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of India. It is essential to have a body in government for regulation and supervision of food safety for protecting and promoting public health. Hence the government, in 2006, passed the Food Safety Standards [...]

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Marketing Challenges Faced by Entrepreneurs

The marketing challenges that are faced by entrepreneurs are important to understand as coping up with them will There is no limit to one's imagination and ideas. There are a very large number of Entrepreneurs who set up their startup in hopes of achieving success, but in reality, only a few of them gets [...]

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Requirements for becoming the director of a Company

To become the director of a company, there are some conditions which have to be fulfilled by the person who wants to become the director of a company. These conditions to become the director of a company are discussed in this article. One of the most important people in the company is its director. A [...]

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Documents required to incorporate a Public Limited Company

The documents required for the incorporation of a public limited company is of extreme importance as proper documentation needs to be done first to stay away from any encumbrances. The documents required for incorporating a Public limited company are discussed in this article. Public Limited Company is a form of company which offers its shares [...]

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