Copyright Registration in India

Introduction Copyright is the exclusive right to do or authorization of doing the certain actions in respect of cinematography, literature, software programming, arts, drama, instrumental/musical work, or a sound recording. It does not protect the specific idea or information or content but it protects the form and manner in which it is represented. It is applicable to a wide range of innovative, intellectual, scholarly, or artistic forms or works. Across various countries, these include [...]

E-filing of Copyright Registration

Introduction While patent protects ideas, Copyright protects original expressions of the idea and not the underlying ideas. The creator of a work enjoys exclusive rights for its use and distribution. The author of a work is the original owner of Copyright. It is given to literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works and producers of cinematographic films and sound recordings. These are territorial rights and granted only for a limited time. It [...]

Difference between Copyright and Patent

Introduction After setting up and running a business successfully, every entrepreneur hopes for the growth of his company without much problem. Having no problems is almost impossible but minimizing the problems is very much possible. You may come across different strategies in order to minimize different problems you may face while running your own company. As they say, 'precaution is better than cure'. One of the most famous and important [...]

Difference between Trademark and Copyright

Introduction We often get confused between trademark and copyright, in this article, we'll understand the difference between trademark and copyright on the various parameters such as advantages, disadvantages, government policies etc. Trademark Trademark is a sign or a symbol used by one businessman to distinguish their goods and services from other businesses. It is commonly used by various entrepreneurs in today's market. An individual, business or legal entity can be [...]

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