AGMARK Registration in India

Introduction AGMARK, under the Agricultural Produce (Grading & Marking) Act, 1937 and a 1987 Amendment, is a mark certified by the government of India for all agricultural products ensuring their good quality as well as standard. It is a combination of two words which are AG and MARK. AG means agriculture and MARK which means certification. It's standard covers agricultural produce which has been defined as to include all products [...]

Get FSSAI License in India

FSSAI means food safety and security authority of India. It’s an agency under the control of Indian government and ministry of health and family affair. The FSSAIhas established under the act of food safety and security act of 2006. It is basically an organisation made for protecting the health of the people. It promotes the health of the public through supervision of this act. The chairperson of the FSSAI is [...]

Procedure for form 15CA and 15CB

Introduction to form 15CA and 15CB A person making remittance or in simple words a payment to Non-resident(not being a company) or foreign company has to fill form 15CA and sometimes 15CB depending upon the conditions in which the payment is being made. Form 15CA can be filled online and is done so that The Income Tax Department can keep a record of all the foreign remittances separately. It helps [...]

Procedure to Register for Employee Provident Fund

Employee Provident Fund is a scheme which provides retirement benefits and is applicable to all salaried employees in India. EPF registration is compulsory for all the companies/organisations employing more than 20 individuals, including both temporary and permanent employees. Organizations employing less than 20 personnel, can voluntarily register themselves. Companies which expand to a strength of 20 members need to register themselves within one month from the time of reaching this [...]

Essentials of a Successful Startup

Every big company like Google, Microsoft was at one point were mere startups started by some young Entrepreneurs namely Larry Page and Bill Gates respectively, who in today's time have become an ideal inspiration for many. What was so different that it became a successful startup? What special things did they do in order to create a perfect recipe which has an addicting smell of success? Was it their technical [...]

Business Plan Preparation in India

A good business plan has to be created as it is the first and foremost document you make while setting up your startup. Planning is very important in any field or sector of work. You need to organize yourself and for that, you need a plan. Something as simple as a timetable can be called a simple planning, in which you equally distribute your time and give attention to all the [...]

International Trademark Registration Guide

Introduction Trademark Registration in India and International Trademark Registration should not be confused between. They both have different registration procedures and provide different benefits to a company. As the name suggests the former protects the products and services at a national level and the later do the same but at an international level. The Madrid System for the International Registration of the Marks is the responsible international system for facilitating the [...]

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