MSME Registration in India

Introduction MSME means micro small and medium enterprises. These units serve as the backbone of our country which helps our country to develop economically as well as financially. For supporting these MSME the government of India has started various measures and schemes and one of them is micro, small and medium enterprises act. To avail the benefits provided by the government every MSME registration, though the registration is not mandatory. [...]

Increase in Authorised Share Capital

Increase Authorised Share Capital When an entrepreneur decides to get company registration and settles on the business structure most suited to the purpose of the business and other co-owners, it is essential to decide what the share capital of the company is to be and how can we Increase Authorised Share Capital. The share capital is that part of a company’s equity which has been raised by issuing shares and [...]

Raising Angel funding for Startup

Angel Funding is done by angel investors (may be solo or in the group). They are quite famous especially amongst startups, they are simply those who invest in a particular company based on various factors. They can be formal or informal, they may be partners or they may be entrepreneurs themselves. Anyhow they are people loaded with money or that's a general perception about them. It's a known fact that [...]

MSME Benefits

Introduction MSME (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises), as the name suggests, includes enterprises that are at a medium or below the medium level with respect to the terms of production and investment. MSME, in India, follows The MSMED Act, 2006 that is The Micro Small and Medium Enterprises Development Act, 2006. Classification of an enterprise is done in terms of investment. MSME forms a vital part of any country's growth. [...]

Partnership Firm Registration In India

Introduction Partnership- A very simple yet strong word. Partnership firm registration is done on many bases. It may be on a friendly basis or it can be formal. Partnership in the Corporate world refers to a relationship when two or more people decide to share the profits of a business carried on by them all or any of them acting for all. It’s generally done in legal terms. The percentage of ownership [...]

ISO Certification in India

Introduction ISO or The International Organization for Standardization is a non-governmental International federation of national standards with about One hundred and sixty-two Countries as its member. They provide International standards so as to generate products and services for high quality, safety, and efficiency. International standards are basically documents which provide certain specifications, guidelines or characteristics which help check the consistency of your product or services. There are more than One [...]

DSC registration process

Introduction The Information Technology Act, 2000 has provisions for use of Digital Signatures on the documents submitted in electronic form in order to ensure the security and authenticity of the documents filed electronically. This is a secure and authentic way to submit a document electronically. As such, all filings done by the companies/LLPs under MCA21 e-Governance program are required to be filed using Digital Signatures by the person authorized to [...]

Director Identification Number (DIN)

Introduction In accordance with the new company law, any and every director of an Indian company must have himself registered and must possess an identification number known as the 'Director Identification Number'. Significance of Director Identification Number (DIN) DIN is relevant in tracing the directors of companies, thus eradicating every possibility of them vanishing with the investor's money. Many companies have been formed primarily with the motive of raising funds [...]

Forecasting and its Techniques

Introduction Forecasting in the layman language means to 'Predict' and the most common example is weather forecasting. But for an Entrepreneur, the real interest should lie in Business Forecasting. These predictions generally revolve around the development of your business regarding the “Profit-loss predictions”. It is considered to be one of the most important aspects of the corporate world. A good forecasting can help entrepreneurs to save their company from any [...]

AGMARK Registration in India

Introduction AGMARK, under the Agricultural Produce (Grading & Marking) Act, 1937 and a 1987 Amendment, is a mark certified by the government of India for all agricultural products ensuring their good quality as well as standard. It is a combination of two words which are AG and MARK. AG means agriculture and MARK which means certification. It's standard covers agricultural produce which has been defined as to include all products [...]