Patents in India: Can or Cannot be Patented

Introduction The government grants a Patent for an invention being novel, non-obvious and useful in industrial application. It lasts for a period of 14 years and after the expiry of the period, the invention enters the public domain. It is a territorial right however one can apply for convention application. No third party can make, distribute or sell the registered invention. Patent Registration in India plays an important role in protection [...]

Renewal Process of an Expired Patent

A patent has a validity of 20 years starting from the day of its filing. The patent is no longer in force legally after that. But in certain scenarios, this expiration may occur even before the completion of 20 years. This could be due to the not payment of maintenance fees/ annuity associated with it. When a patentee does not pay the renewal fee in the specified period of time. [...]

Difference between Trademark, Copyright and Patent

Introduction There are three types of intellectual property namely Trademark, copyright, and Patent. With the growing competition and awareness, many companies are laying stress on increasing the value of the intellectual intangible asset. Let us discuss the difference between them Trademark Meaning It is a mark that may be a name, sign, logo, symbol, sound, graphic or any color combination. It represents the unique identity of a product/service/company. It gives the right [...]

Documents for Patent Registration in India

The Patent Act, 1970 governs the Patent system in India. Patent Registration in India grants absolute rights to an inventor or an assignee for a duration of 14 years. After this, the patent goes to the public domain. A Patent is a territorial right and excludes third parties from infringement, so it can be termed as a negative right. Inventions prescribed under Sec. 3 and 4 of Patents Act, 1970 are [...]

Benefits of Patent Search

The patent is granted to an individual/small entity/other than small entity who invents any novel, non-obvious, useful application. The government is authorised to grant a license for a period of 20 years to the inventor. The patent is a negative right as it excludes others from claiming the registered patent. Patent infringement happens when a third party tries to sell or use a patented invention. The TRIPs agreement is mandatory [...]

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