In accordance with the new company law, any and every director of an Indian company must have himself registered and must possess an identification number known as the ‘Director Identification Number’.

Significance of Director Identification Number (DIN)

  • DIN is relevant in tracing the directors of companies, thus eradicating every possibility of them vanishing with the investor’s money. Many companies have been formed primarily with the motive of raising funds by cheating the investors. In such cases, DIN makes it very easy for the police to track down the fraud directors. Thus DIN keeps a record of the relevant information about the directors and their respective companies.
  • DIN acts like a record of all the important events in the director’s life including their past and current participation in other companies. In the case of any alterations in the basic information of the director, the central government is to be informed. Thus, ‘live data’ must be made available o the government.
  • The Companies Act, 1956 makes it necessary for every director to register for a DIN. This pin is individual specific and hence every director requires one single and unique DIN.
  • DIN is the very first requirement for the incorporation of a new company.

Application for Director Identification Number (DIN)

Applying for DIN is a very easy and automated process. PAN card and passport is required for an Indian and foreign national respectively.

Stepwise procedure for applying for DIN is as follows –

  Step 1: Visit the website

Director Identification Number-

  • Visit the website
  • register for a new User id.
  • Click on the link to the Director Identification Number or you can directly go to the link
  • Then, click on the ‘DIN-1 Form’ which will prompt you to download the pdf form (PDF is highly interactive).
  • Downloaded form is to be filled offline and then upload it online along with the following documents:
  • Identity Proof
  • Address Proof.
  • High-resolution photograph of the applicant
  • Affidavit in the case of single name as per the guidelines
  • Copy of the passport in the case of foreign nationals

*Note – log-in is not required to download the DIN-1 Form. It is required to upload the form and to make payment.

Step 2: Upload Documents

  • Once the form is filled and all the documents that are required to be uploaded are ready, log into the website. Select the e-form option from “Services, e-Forms, My Documents,”
  • Click on the ‘upload’ option and upload all the required documents mentioned above.

       *Note – e-Form has to be Digitally Signed.

Step 3: Fee Payment

  • Further, make the fee payment through net banking/debit card. The amount to be paid is Rs. 100/- only.

Step 4: DIN Generation

Immediately after the payment, a unique DIN will be generated. It can be of two different types, depending on who has signed the form.

  • Approved DIN  Approved DIN will be generated if Form DIN 1 is signed by a practicing professional i.e., Chartered Account.
  • Provisional DIN – Provisional DIN will be generated if signed by an applicant who is already a director or CEO of an existing company.