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How to check the status of GST Payment

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Introduction In the current regime of GST, people who are engaged in the business whose annual turnover exceeds Rs. 40 lakhs is required to register as a normal taxable person according to the 32nd GST Council Meeting. This entire process of registration is called as GST registration. So, if you are seeking a reliable company who [...]

GST Rules in India . Rules for GST released by CBEC A business neds to abide by the GST rules in order to maintain compliance with the new regimen/ taxation structure obn value addition in India.

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GST: Introduction The Introduction of GST [Read for origins of GST] in India has brought comprehensive changes to the taxation system and how taxes are levied on value addition in the country. In order to pay taxes via GST, the taxpayer has to register GST, and file corresponding GST returns. Compliance with the new rules and regulations [...]

GSTR3B : Save Submit Offset Now At your Tips with LegalRaasta

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What is GSTR3B? GSTR3B is the monthly self-declaration of summarised sales and purchase. Key points to be noted: This return is to be filed for every GSTIN. Outstanding liabilities should be paid before 20th of every month. A return once filed cannot be amended. This is a self-declaration and invoice level information is not needed. Filing [...]

What is GST? All you need to know about Good and Services Tax July 1, 2017 was a day that brought waves of change in the taxation system of India with the introduction of the Goods and Services Tax. Let' look at what GST is, and how it has changed the the way goods and services are taxed in India.

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GST: A Brief History An idea to reform the tax structure in India took birth in the year 2000 with the efforts of an Empowered Committee(EC) under the Late Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee. In accordance with this, a GST bill was introduced in the year 2009 but the UPA government at that point of time failed [...]

E-way Bill Non-Compliance: Implications, Penalty E-way Bill is a mandatory compliance to be adhered to when there is a transport of goods of more than ₹50,000 in value. Let's see the implications and penalties of e-way bill non compliance

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E-Way Bill: What is it? E-Way Bill, or EWB, or Electronic Way-Bill is essentially a statutory compliance for the transportation of goods via vehicles where the value of the consignment exceeds ₹ 50,000 in one invoice /delivery bill /challan or across multiple such bills in one round of transportation. The e-Way Bill was introduced to the taxation [...]

GSTR 11 Return, Due Date, Eligibility, Format GSTR 11 is basically a GST return which should be filed by everyone who has been assigned a Unique Identity Number (UIN) under GST rules due by 28th of next month.

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What is GSTR 11? GSTR 11 is basically a GST Return to be filed by individuals who have been allocated a Unique Identity Number (UIN). This GST return is basically to be filed by people who claim a refund of taxes paid on their inward supplies. Who is Assigned Unique Identity Number (UIN) under GST Rules? UIN [...]

30th GST Council Meeting : Formation of GoM and State’s Revenue Discussion The 30th GST council meeting was held on 28th of September 2018, Friday via video conferencing. Main discussion were on formation of Group of Ministers and GST revenue situation in all the states

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30th GST Council meeting came out with some positive and good steps to ease compliance of GST and also wrinkle out the hindrances in the implementation of GST. The 29th GST Council meeting focused on Digital Payments and Empowering MSME sector. In the 30th Meeting of the GST council, the council came out with two objectives [...]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Composition Scheme under GST Composition scheme under GST is a conveinient structure of taxation for small scale business taxpayers. It helps them to escape the complex and comprehensive compliances under GST

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GST and its provisions On 1 st July 2017 the GST taxation system was introduced in India and it has revolutionized the taxation system in India. The VAT regime had many problems and GST seems to have eradicated those problems like the cascading effect of taxes. However, one issue still remains with the GST system, the [...]

GSTR 9A Due Date, Eligibility, Format CBIC(Central Board of Indirect Taxation and Customs) released Notification 39/2018 on 4th September, 2018 detailing the formats of GST Annual returns for Taxpayers under composition levy scheme with GSTR 9A

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What is GSTR 9A? GSTR 9A is basically an Annual Return under GST for taxpayers who have chosen the Composition Levy scheme of taxation. It differs from GSTR 9 because GSTR 9 is for regular taxpayers who file GSTR 1, GSTR2, and GSTR 3. GSTR-9A consists of all the details given in the quarterly returns given [...]

GSTR 9 Guide : Rules, Eligibility , Due Dates , Filing Formats Taxpayers registered under GST as well as those registered under composition levy scheme have to file Annual Returns in compliance with GSTR 9 format

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Index What is GSTR-9? Eligibility for Filing GSTR-9 Types of returns under GSTR-9 GSTR-9 due date What if I file GSTR-9 late? List of particulars required for filing GSTR-9 What is GSTR-9?  GSTR 9 is basically an Annual Return on GST. Taxpayers registered under GST as well as composition levy scheme have to file this return [...]