GST Impact on Indian Economy | How GST affects India GST has changed the taxation regime in India. Let's look at GST , Impact, Examples and industr-wise breakdown of how this tax regime will work.

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GST: Brief Introduction GST, or the Goods and Services Tax is a unified tax which is levied on the value added for the delivery of goods and services. The implementation of the new taxation system was put in place on the 1st of July, 2017. However, it might be interesting to note that the proposal for [...]

Faq’s on Drugs and Pharmaceuticals under GST

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Introduction The Indian pharmaceutical industry or Drugs and Pharmaecituals Industry is one of the leading industries globally as it is the principal supplier of generic drugs all over the world. Almost 80% of all AIDS  drug is produced by India. For all the developing nations, The UN provided licenses to six Indian pharmaceutical labs to make [...]

Faq’s on E commerce under GST

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Introduction The day GST came into the market, it has stormed all the existing sectors in India. By dismantling all the inter-state barriers with respect to trade, the single biggest indirect tax regime kicked into force. It also had huge imapct on e-commerce industry in India. Electronic commerce or e-commerce (EC) means the supply of goods and [...]

Mining and Mineral sector under GST

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Introduction The minerals and mining sector in India is governed by the Mines Act, 1952. It is also governed by Mines and Minerals Development and Regulation Act (MMDR), 1957. Under the proposed GST regime, all the key Indirect tax legislations would be subsumed (except for few taxes such as duty on Electricity, Royalty on the extraction [...]

Procedure and Criteria for TDS under GST

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TDS under GST are introduced in order to regulate unorganized sectors in the market. We are providing all the information related to the procedure and criteria for TDS under GST. It may be noted that as per the notification issued by the government on 26th June 2017, the provisions of TDS has been put on hold [...]

Impact of GST on Transport Sector

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Transport Sector Taxation on transport sector at a national level will result in more efficient cross-state transportation less paperwork for road transporters bringing down logistics costs Presently, all 29 states collect taxes at different rates on goods that move across their borders. As a result, tax on freight is collected multiple times. Also, there are long [...]

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