How to file Nil GST Return?

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Everyone with a GST Registration must file GST Return, whether there has been any turnover or not, during the month. In short, no Sale or Purchase has occurred, in a month, you, still, need to login to Government GST Portal and submit a NIL Return. So if you are thinking of why or how to file Nil GST Return Format, read [...]

GSTR 11 Return, Due Date, Eligibility, Format GSTR 11 is basically a GST return which should be filed by everyone who has been assigned a Unique Identity Number (UIN) under GST rules due by 28th of next month.

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What is GSTR 11? GSTR 11 is basically a GST Return to be filed by individuals who have been allocated a Unique Identity Number (UIN). This GST return is basically to be filed by people who claim a refund of taxes paid on their inward supplies. Who is Assigned Unique Identity Number (UIN) under GST Rules? UIN [...]

GSTR 10 : Rules, Eligbility, Due Date, Format GSTR 10 is basically a return to be filed by registered regular taxpayers who have either opted out of GST registration or their GST registration has been cancelled

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What is GSTR 10? GSTR 10 is a return to be filed by taxpayers whose GST Registration has either been surrendered by the taxpayer or has been canceled by authorities. The return is also called as Final Return, which is different from Annual Return. Annual return is the return to be filed every year in accordance [...]

GSTR 9A Due Date, Eligibility, Format CBIC(Central Board of Indirect Taxation and Customs) released Notification 39/2018 on 4th September, 2018 detailing the formats of GST Annual returns for Taxpayers under composition levy scheme with GSTR 9A

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What is GSTR 9A? GSTR 9A is basically an Annual Return under GST for taxpayers who have chosen the Composition Levy scheme of taxation. It differs from GSTR 9 because GSTR 9 is for regular taxpayers who file GSTR 1, GSTR2, and GSTR 3. GSTR-9A consists of all the details given in the quarterly returns given [...]

GSTR 1 Guide : Return formats, Filing process, Due dates

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What is GSTR 1? GSTR 1 prescribes the details to be provided by the taxpayer in relation to outward supplies made to the buyer for the relevant period. GSTR 1 needs to be filed by every taxpayer except Composition Scheme taxpayers, Non-Resident Foreign taxpayers, TDS deductors, E-commerce Operators and Input Service Distributors as there are separate returns for [...]

Procedure and Criteria for TDS under GST

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TDS under GST are introduced in order to regulate unorganized sectors in the market. We are providing all the information related to the procedure and criteria for TDS under GST. It may be noted that as per the notification issued by the government on 26th June 2017, the provisions of TDS has been put on hold [...]

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