HSN Code /SAC Code List and GST Rate HSN is essentially a commodity description and Coding System . It is a products nomenclature system. Let's look at the HSN Code in detail

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HSN CODE FINDER TOOL   What is the HSN Code? HSN Stands for Harmonized System Nomenclature. The internationally adopted system of commodity description and product nomenclature system developed by the World Customs Organization came into existence in the year 1988. Under the taxation system of GST,  the goods and services transacted in India are either classified [...]

GST Facilitation Centre, Find GST Seva Kendra near you In order to help the business taxpayers with the compliance with new GST regime, the government has set up around 8000 GST facilitation centres all across the country.

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What is a GST Facilitation Centre / GST Seva Kendra? The introduction of GST has been a welcome change for the way taxes are levied on value addition in India.  In order to help the businesses adjust to this system,  the government has setup GST facilitation Centre (s) all across the country. Since, the February of 2017, [...]