Under the current GST Act Rules, an Electronic Way Bill or E-waybill needs to be generated on the Government Portal Ewaybill.nic.in whenever goods are transported for a distance of more than 20 km. A person is not allowed to transport goods without creating an E-way bill under GST, goods worth more than Rs. 50,000.

The E-waybill was implemented to unify India as a market and do away with bothersome inter-State check-posts. A statistics by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways says that a typical truck in India spends 20% of its time waiting at inter-state checkpoints.

The common web portal, ewaybillgst.gov.in, was created to generate the E-waybill online. Any person or transporter, who already has GST Registration can obtain,  manage and cancel E-waybill here.

Home Page of Ewaybill.nic.in

Here is a brief overview to understand what is covered under the tabs that can be found on the Home Page of the Ewaybill.nic.in:

    1. Laws:

Under this tab, you will find a drop-down of “Rules”, “Forms”, “Notifications”, and “Circulars” respectively. You can refer to the Rules concerning the State you are operating in by selecting the same. This will open up a new page where you can check the latest notifications by the State government related to the GST regime.

Clicking on “Forms”, you can select and download the Form you need to fill in. EWB-01, EWB-02, EWB-03, EWB-04, ENR-01 or the Invoice INV-01.

You can check the latest “Notifications” and “Circulars” for reference on this Home Page.


    1. Help:


Ewaybill.nic.in: Help on eWay Bill: Legal Raasta

The drop-down list under this tab contains “User Manual”, “CBT” or Computer Based Training, “FAQs” and “Tools”. Here the manual and CBT explains the process to use the E-waybill  portal. It also explains how to use the web system, SMS system, Bulk generation system and API system. The issues asked by the users while using the portal have been explained under the FAQs.

Clicking on the Tab “Tools” will open up “Bulk Generation Tools”. Selecting this, you would be able to download an “Excel Template” as well as “Excel to JSON conversion” tool. You can enter the requests for E-waybill or transporter details, offline in the Excel File, validate and convert it into JSON file for upload on the Ewaybill.nic.in portal.

    1. Search:


Ewaybill.nic.in: Search for Tax Payers, Transporters, Products etc: Ewaybill.nic.in

You can conduct a search for Tax Payers by their Goods and Services Identification Number (GSTIN). Transporters by their GSTIN or Transporter ID. HSN Code of the Product under “Products and Services”. Check the State Name, using the “Pincode”. The Distance between the Dispatch and Ship to Destination by “Pin to Pin Distance”. Latest Notifications concerning the State or the UT regarding Rules for GST released by CBEC. Print E-waybill after entering details about E-waybill number, date of generation, document number and mentioning whether generated by supplier/ transporter/recipient.

    1. Contact Us:

A board number is provided so you can call to resolve your E-waybill portal queries. You can also Log your issue, or track the previous one. Or you can select the State to reach Helpdesks with State Specific queries.

    1. Registration:

The Drop-down under this tab provides options for eWay Bill Registration for a GST Registered user. A new user of the E-waybill  system, whether Supplier, Buyer or Transporter, must check the Eway bill Requirements for Transportation of goods and get himself registered under this tab. You need to have your GSTIN ready as well as the Mobile number that has been registered with the GST system.


Ewaybill.nic.in: Registration of New User eWay Bill: Legal Raasta

Enrolment for Transporters is available for New Transporters.

A Citizen, without a GST registration, may also create an E-waybill, by selecting the “E-Way Bill for Citizens” tab. He will just have to generate a URP number, a Unique Login ID, first.

    1. Login:

You need a User Name and Password to Log-in. The User Name must have 8-15 characters. You can use a combination of Alphabets, Numerals, or Special Characters. The Password must have at least 8 characters in any combination. You can also use “Forgot Password”/”Forgot User ID”/”Forgot Trans ID” in case you have forgotten the Login credentials and generate a new one.

Steps After Log-in

Once you have logged into government portal of Ewaybill nic in, your dashboard, with your GSTIN, Name and other details will be visible to you.

    1. The Symbols on the Right side of your dashboard shows Notifications panel mentioning latest updates on the GST portal and on EWay bills.
    2. On Left Side, you can click on e-Waybill to use any of the below services:

Ewaybill.nic.in: eWay Bill: Legal Raasta

      • Generate New: when you need to generate a new Eway bill under various methods of delivery. You’ll need to fill up the required details as asked.
      • Generate Bulk: You can generate e-way bills, in bulk by uploading the filled up JSON file.
      • Update Part-B/Vehicle: To update or change the details of the vehicle or the mode of transportation of goods.
      • Update Vehicle-Bulk: Download the Standard template from Ewaybill.nic.in, enter the Bill number or the altered details of transportation.
      • Extend Validity: You can extend the validity period of the eWay Bill using this tab. It must be done at least four hours before its expiry.
      • Update Transporter:  Another transporter can be assigned by updating/changing the Trans ID. Seller/receivers at the Place of Supply cannot re-assign once the Transporter has used this facility.
      • Cancel: E-waybill can be cancelled within 24 hours by the person who has generated it.

Ewaybill.nic.in: Cancellation of eWay Bill: Legal Raasta

    • Print E-Way Bill: Use your Unique ID if filing Part-A or the Bill number to print.
  1. Next comes Consolidated E-Way Bill, under this tab you find below in the drop-down list:

    Ewaybill.nic.in: Consolidated eWay Bill generation: Legal Raasta

    • Generate New: Choose this to generate a new Consolidated e-way bill. You need to enter all the numbers for which you want to generate a consolidated eWay Bill.
    • Generate Bulk: To generate Bulk Consolidated E-waybill. You’ll need to upload the JSON file filled with the details.
    • Re-generate: To change or update the transport details.
    • Print Consolidated E-Way Bill: To print the Consolidated Eway bill, enter the number.
  2. Reject: To Cancel or Reject a Bill already generated. This can be used within 72 hours of its generation or before the Actual Delivery of the goods, whichever is earlier.
  3. Reports: Here you can find various date-wise summary reports detailing the activities such as Supplies-Outward or Inward, Bills generated, Rejected or Assigned Transporters etc.
  4. My Masters: Helps you create a detailed master list of Suppliers, Customers, Products, Transporters.
  5. User Management: Business with several branches can use this facility by providing each branch usage with restricted access control. With the main branch able to create, manage, close down or change in password etc.
  6. Registration: In case you want to register for SMS facility or on the Android Application of the Ewaybill.nic.in, you need to register with this. It helps to create E-waybill on your mobile, on the go. GST API & Connectors also may register on this window.
  7. Update: In case you already have GST Registration, you can update yourself as a Transporter, by selecting “Update” – “As Transporter”. You’ll receive a Unique Transporter ID. Else you can make changes in your profile details.
  8. Grievances: Any grievances you filed on Ewaybill.nic.in, their status, and detention reports are available here.


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