The 17th GST Council meeting held on 18th June 2017, provided a relief to the nation. The council decided to extend the deadline for invoice‐wise return filing in Form GSTR 1 and Form GSTR 2 for the first 2 months after listening to the problems faced by both the buyers and the suppliers. Therefore, for July and August, you will file a simple return in Form GSTR 3B and declare the summary of inward supplies and outward supplies. Moreover, this does not involve any reconciliation thereby further help you with compliance and will make the transition phase smooth.

Due Dates for filing GSTR 3B

A revised schedule for return filing has been provided to the businesses to give sufficient time to manage the various requirements of the new indirect tax system. Hence, the due dates for filing the return is as follows:

For the month of July

August 25th for those taxpayers who do not want to avail of transitional credit in GST TRAN-1 and August 28th for those who want to fill up GST TRAN-1 this month.

For the month of August

September 20th is the due date for filing GSTR 3B for the month of August.

Particulars of GSTR 3B


It is state-wise PAN-based 15-digit Goods and Services Taxpayer Identification Number (GSTIN) for each taxpayer. This column is auto-filled.

Name of the Person

Name of the taxpayer will be auto-filled at the time of logging into the common GST Portal. Trade Name, if any, should be separately provided.

gstr 3bDetails of Outward supplies and inward supplies liable to reverse charge

gstr 3bIn the above Table 3.1, you need to capture the total taxable value (both intrastate and interstate) along with the total tax (IGST, CGST, SGST/UTGST) as applicable:

  • The Outward Taxable Supplies other Zero Rate, Nil Rate and Exempted,
  • Outward Taxable Supplies (Zero Rated),
  • Outward Supplies towards Nil Rated and Exempted,
  • Inward Supplies payable on a reverse charge basis,
  • Non‐GST Outward Supplies

Details of Inter‐State supplies made to unregistered persons, composition dealer, and UIN holders

gstr 3bTable 3.2 shows the bifurcation of the interstate outward supplies made to Unregistered Persons, Composition Dealers, and UIN Holders. You have to capture these details State‐wise/ Union‐Territory‐wise total with taxable value and total IGST levied on these supplies.

Details of eligible Input Tax Credit

gstr 3bIn the above Table 4, ITC availability details and ITC reversed to arrive at the Net ITC is to be provided.

ITC Availability (whether in Full or Part)

Mention the break‐up of inward supplies on which you will avail the ITC. The following are the details you need to capture:

  • Import of Goods: The Tax credit of IGST paid on import of goods.
  • Import of Service: The Tax credit of IGST paid on import of services.

Inward supplies liable to reverse charge

Mention the GST paid on inward supplies which are liable for a reverse charge as, sponsorship services, and purchase from URD etc. other than import of goods or services. To know more, read inward supplies liable to reverse the charge.

Reversal of details of Input Tax credit

Thereafter, mention the ITC reversible on the usage of inputs/input services/capital goods used for the non‐business purpose, or partly used for exempt supplies. Also, if the depreciation is claimed on tax component of capital goods, and plant & machinery, then the ITC will not be allowed.

Eligible ITC

The ITC available as reported in Table 4 (A) is reduced by the amount of ITC to be revered as reported in above table. The balance will be your eligible ITC.

Details of Ineligible ITC

GST paid on inward supplies is listed in the negative list and is not eligible for GST Input Tax Credit (ITC). This table shows the details of GST paid on such supplies.

Details of exempt, nil‐rated and non‐GST inward supplies

gstr 3bMention the details of inward supplies from the composition dealer which are exempt and at nil rates in Table 5. Also, mention the Non‐GST inward supplies.

Payment of tax

gstr 3bIn Table 6.1, declare the tax payable which will be auto-calculated. It represents the details of outward supplies and inwards supplies that are paid on reverse charge captured in Table 3.1.

The tax‐wise break‐up of payment 0f tax by way of utilization of ITC and cash deposit should be provided.

TDS/TCS Credit
gstr 3bIn the above table, mention the details of TDS (Tax withheld by the Government establishment) and TCS (Tax withheld by E‐commerce operator). However, these provisions are not yet a part of the initial rollout of GST. (Accordingly, TDS and TCS are not applicable till they are notified). Form GSTR 3B is a blessing for the businesses as this will give ample time to the taxpayer for the GST returns.


gstr 3b