What is a GST Facilitation Centre / GST Seva Kendra?

The introduction of GST has been a welcome change for the way taxes are levied on value addition in India.  In order to help the businesses adjust to this system,  the government has setup GST facilitation Centre (s) all across the country. Since, the February of 2017, close to 8000 GST facilitation centers or GST Seva Kendra or GST Suvidha Kendra as they are called in order to help businesses with operations such GST enrolment, GST Return Filing among others.

The GST Seva Kendra acts a one-stop facilitation center for all things related to GST. The GST Suvidha Kendras were established by the Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBEC) under the GST Seva Kendra Initiative. This initiative was put in place to help all business owners become well-versed with all matters related to the GST regime of taxation.

Functions of the GST Facilitation Centre

The GST Facilitation Centres aim to help the taxpayers with the migration to the new system of taxation.  The GST help desk or the facilitation center, in addition, to help with migration, and taxation related issues can also address queries related to GST about the processes and the rules and regulation of the new taxation system.


The government has established the GST Seva Kendras for the people who are not tech-savvy and cannot avail the benefits of the GST Network established for filing GST returns and registration, as well as, GST verification. The GST facilitation centre will help the concerned taxpayer by the digitalization/uploading the documents in addition to the summary sheet. This sheet is duly signed by the authorized signatory, whose information the GST assessee will furnish. The facilitation center through their online account on the GST portal will register the taxpayer or file their returns and in addition, will give a printout of an acknowledgment to the taxpayer. Once, this is done, the Seva Kendra will upload the signed summary sheet to the GST portal.

GST Returns E-filing

In addition to the documentation and GST registration procedure,  the taxpayers who come to the Seva Kendra for help can also avail the facility of getting their GST Returns done through the SuvidhaKendra. The Suvidha Kendra will file the returns on behalf of the taxpayer by uploading the relevant documents through their own online account and corresponding credentials.


The GST Suvidha Kendra (GSK) can help the individuals with their GST refund procedure. GST refund procedure arises generall when the taxpayers pay the tax more than tax liability. For the refund procedure, the taxpayer makes an appeal through the facilitation centre.

Who runs the GST Facilitation Centre?

The Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC) runs the facilitation centers across the country. You don’t an appointment to visit the GST Seva Kendra and ask for assistance with regards to anything related to GST.

Why should you Trust GST Facilitation Centres?

GST Seva Kendras guide business taxpayers with the procedures of filing their taxes and they do it absolutely free of cost. The Trade facilitation measure makes sure that taxpayers file their GST returns correctly. The GST Seva Kendra can help users migrate from old taxation schemes, as well as, get their registration and return filing done efficiently.

GST Seva Kendras (GSK) / Facilitation Centre Address

The government has established close to 8000 GST Suvidha Kendras all across the country.  Major cities of the country have multiple GST Suvidha Kendras spread all across the cities. Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Bangalore have 202, 194, 178 and 50 GST Help Desk offices, respectively. Other major cities such as Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, and Ahmedabad have 70, 55, 40 and 59 offices, respectively

Given below is PDF document containing the contact details of GST facilitation centers, you can download the same and search the relevant GST Suvidha Kendra for your area.