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Introduction to GST Number

The  GST regime has transformed the way taxation is levied on value addition for goods and services. As a dealer, once GST application is done, you might want to do a GST verification before you do any business related activities such as filing GST returns. What GST verification basically means is that you have to search GST number or GSTIN. This process is done to ensure that the GSTIN/UIN number you have is under your business’s name. GSTIN is an essential identifier of your business.  This GST number has to be quoted at invoices given to the customers. In addition to this,  a business owner should display their GST number or GSTIN in the shop/place of business.
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What is GSTIN?

GSTIN stands for GST Identification Number. It is a 15-digit number provided by the GSTN. Let’s look at the format of the GST number you need to verify GST number.

GSTIN Format

GSTIN for GST verification

GSTIN Format

  • The first 2 digits of the 15 digit GSTIN will represent the state code.
  • The next 10 digits will be the PAN Number of person or firm engaged in Business.
  • As proposed the State Code as defined under the Indian Census 2011 would be adopted In the GSTIN. As per the terms of the Indian Census 2011, every State has a unique two digit code. For eg. 07 for Delhi
  • The 13th would represent the number of registrations an entity has within a state under the same PAN. It will be an alpha-numeric number (first 1-9 and then A-Z) on the basis of a number of registrations a legal entity (having the same PAN) in the same state.

GSTIN Misuse

The introduction of the GST regime has been revolutionary for the taxation system in India. however, there has been a constant uprising in the pattern of misuse of the GST number as well. Many customers are under the perception that everyday commodities have become 12-18% expensive under the new GST rules. Under the new mechanisms,  ignorance of the inner workings of the taxation system, many businesses are extracting illegal revenues.

Reports have arisen of many merchants in B and C category cities charging ₹ 1-2 extra in the name of GST. As soon as customers see an alphanumeric digit with a GSTIN, they blindly pay up the price without doing a proper GST verification.

many merchants use a fake GST ID in their invoices and collect full taxes but they do not pass on to the government. Merchants present a bill with CGST+SGST  in front of the customer and they pay up instantly without checking the GST number.

GST Verification

Malicious .practises by certain businesses with regards to taxation are the reason you should know how to check GST number. It is important that you know the procedure to search GSTIN/UIN number. Let’s look at the procedure for the same. There are two ways in which you can verify GST number.

  1. Use LegalRaasta’s GSTIN Search Tool
  2. Search Via the GST Portal

GST Verification on GST Portal

Step 1: Head on over to the GST portal on this link

go to gst portal for GST verification

GST Portal home

Step 2:   Click “Search Taxpayer”>>> Search by GSTIN/UIN on the home page

Alternatively, you can log in to the GST portal and search from the portal.

Login to GST portal for gst refund claim

GST Login Page


GST verification

Search Taxpayer for GST verification


Step 3: Enter the GSTIN/UIN Number and relevant captcha and click “Search”

Enter GSTIN Number to perform GST verification on

Enter GSTIN Number and Captcha

Step 4: If the GSTIN provided is correct, the details of the business will be displayed in front of you. If not, you will have to contact the relevant vendor and acquire the correct GST Identification Number.

GST verification details

GSTN Search Results


GST verification results

Also Displays nature of the Business activity and details of tax returns.

IF and Only If, the GSTIN  you enter is correct and matches the records of businesses under GST registration the following details will be in front of you.

Reporting a Fake GST ID

The GST department has set up multiple helplines to help you report the offences and crimes committed to GST and the offences. Given below are the contact numbers:

  • GST complain number: 011-23370115 or 0124-4688999 or 0120-4888999
  • GST Complaint mail id: or

This was the procedure to verify GST number. At LegalRaasta, we aim to simplify legal compliances for businesses with a special catering towards startups and businesses with MSME registration. We help businesses with a wide range of services such as Company Registration, TrademarkFilingIncome Tax Return filing, FSSAI License and many more.
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