What is GSTR 10?

GSTR 10 is a return to be filed by taxpayers whose GST Registration has either been surrendered by the taxpayer or has been canceled by authorities. The return is also called as Final Return, which is different from Annual Return. Annual return is the return to be filed every year in accordance with the quarterly returns filed by taxpayers throughout the Financial Year.
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GSTR 10 Due Date

Taxpayers who have opted to surrender their GST registration or whose registration has been canceled have to file GSTR-10 Final Return within three months of cancellation or date of cancellation order, whichever is later. For eg. If the date of cancellation order is 1st January 2019, GSTR-10 should be filed latest by 31st March 2019.

GSTR 10 Eligibility

GSTR-10 should be filed only by taxpayers whose GST registration has been either canceled or they have opted to surrender the said registration. Regular taxpayers should not and don’t have to file GSTR-10.

Final Return vs Annual Return

It is easy to sometimes confuse Annual returns and Final returns. There is a clear distinction laid out between the two by CBIC(Central Board of Indirect Taxation).
Accordingly, the Annual return is basically GST return to be filed by regular taxpayers in accordance with form GSTR 9.   Final Return is basically a return for taxpayers who have either surrendered their registration or registration has been canceled.

The penalty for Late Filing of GSTR 10

The provisions for a late filing of GSTR-10 are a bit lenient as compared to other returns. In case of a late-filing of GSTR-10, a notice is issued to the corresponding taxpayer giving them a time period of 15 days to file the return. In case taxpayers fail to comply with the 15-day extension, tax officers will pass the cancellation order and issue the amount of payable tax with interest/penalty.

Details to be filed with GSTR 10

In total, there are 10 sections of the GSTR-10.  4 Sections including the Name, Address and other details are populated on their own.

Have a look at the format of GSTR 10 given below.

GSTR 10 Formatuntitled-design65

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