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How to download GST certificate

Overview The Good and Services Tax (GST) was introduced on 1st July 2017. This tax is responsible for removal of many other taxes like VAT (Value Added TAX), CST, Luxury Tax, Entertainment Tax, and the list goes on. Under this, every company/business with a turnover of more than Rs.20 lakh has to register themselves and this limit is Rs.10 lakh [...]

Debit Note: A Way to revise Sales Invoice under GST

Debit Note and Credit Note come into the picture whenever some error has been committed during a financial transaction. The mistake can be simple human or due to some mechanical fault. To neutralize the effect of this fault on the invoices, a Debit Note or a Credit Note may be issued. These documents are recognized and accepted when you Prepare GST [...]

GST Seva Kendra : A GST helpline for taxpayers and businesses

What is GST Seva Kendra? It was introduced by the CBEC in  February 2017, to provide help to the taxpayers and businesses. After, then making them do GST registration. It eases to direct the doubts, complaints and queries associated with  GST, GST return filing along with its procedure and GST registration. Even, they connect with the issue of GST migration for the [...]

What is credit note under GST ?

Credit note The credit note is an invoice monetary document circulate by a retailer to a customer. Credit notes function as a reference record for the Sales return journal. Basically, the credit note is proof of the decline in sales. A credit note also names as credit memorandum or memo. In layman's language, a note was given by a shopkeeper to a [...]

10 ways to contact GST Helpline

Nowadays that people and taxpayers have a question linked to the New tax system that is GST.GST is a good and service tax that is essential for selling goods for domestic consumption. So forgiving solutions to the questions the government has created GST Helpline with an expert team of executives who will guide millions of taxpayers.T hey will help in [...]