How to file income tax for start-up?

A start-up company is a business venture which is newly emerging, fast growing and goals to develop innovative product or service to consumers. Start-ups function mostly using latest technologies, telecommunications, internet and robotics. They use innovative methods and techniques to provide the nation with different products, services and processes. Owning a business means remembering two important dates forever which are [...]

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Any individual who is not categorised as an Individual or HUF (Hindu Undivided Family), and who is paying any part of the salary to occupant by method for rent is liable for tax deduction at source only when the total of the amount credited or paid for such rent during the financial year by the aforementioned individual to the record [...]

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House Rent Allowance (HRA) is provided to the employee by the employer to cover the expenses in linkage to the accommodation rent which the employee may incur for his housing purpose. The House Rent Allowance which is waged by the employer to the employee is taxable under the head of “Income from Salaries” to the degree it is not exempted [...]

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How will I get my Income Tax Refund? How should I check my refund status?

If you have filed your ITR electronically that is by adopting online mode. This time, there won't be any problem faced by you in checking your refund state. Make sure to e- file this year, so as to receive your Tax refund faster. Below are some crucial steps that must be followed while checking your refund status through e-mode:-  1:) [...]

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Which return should I file ITR-1, ITR-2, ITR-3 or ITR-4?

Before going to reveal about which ITR should be filed by a taxpayer, it is necessary to know the essence of all ITRs:- So here is the importance of every ITR in brief:- ITR 1:- This form is available for those who have no income other than Salary/Pension and Interest. ITR 2:- This form is available for the one who [...]

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Is it mandatory to file an ITR? What are the eligibility criteria for ITR filing?

Yeah! It is mandatory to file an ITR for your each and every individual living as citizen of India. ITR paid, may varies from one country to another. But still, this is a rule that everyone must follow for the development of their nation. Basically, the person whose income exceeds Rs 5lakh is eligible / liable to pay tax or [...]

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