Income from Salary

Income from salary is the income or remuneration received by an individual for services he is rendering or a contract undertaken by him. This clause essentially assimilates the remuneration received by a person for the services provided by him under the contract of employment. This amount of remuneration will be considered as income for the purposes of Income Tax Act only [...]

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Notice u/s 156 – Notice for Demand

Section 156 tax notice is the notice of demand issued by the Income Tax Department when any tax, interest, penalty, fine or any other sum is payable in consequence of any order passed. The section 156 tax notice of demand will specify the sum which is payable. This demand notice is generally accompanied by an intimation notice under section 143(1) [...]

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Notice u/s 245 – Intimation to set off Demand and Refunds

Section 245 Tax notice is the notice by the income tax department to the assessee in whose return the IT Department feels that there's an outstanding demand from earlier years and a refund is claimed in another assessment year. In such a case as per section 245, the AO may adjust refund against the tax demand which is outstanding from [...]

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Notice u/s 143(2) – Scrutiny Assessment Notice

Section 143(2) tax notice is the statutory notice which is issued to an assessee for a Scrutiny Assessment of his return. It is sent in a case where the return has either been filed by the assessee himself (Self Assessment) or in response to a notice u/s 142(1) and the Assessing Officer (AO) wants to ensure that the assessee has not understated [...]

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Notice u/s 142(1) – Inquiry Notice Before Assessment

If a person receives a notice from the Income Tax Department, it can make such a person worry. Notices to the assessees are issued by income tax department under the various provisions of the Income Tax Act. The purpose behind the issuance of notices is greater tax compliance. If a person understands these notices properly, then he will be less worried [...]

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Income Tax Notices

Introduction When we receive Income Tax notices, we often get scared but all these notices have a reason of issuance. Some income tax notices just give us information like intimation under section 143(1), some warrant information for inquiry under 142(1) and some communicate that an audit is required to be done etc. This article will give you a brief information about [...]

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