Section 80U of Income Tax Act

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Overview Under section 80U, a person can claim a tax deduction if he/she is suffering from a disability or severe disability. This section provides tax benefits to an individual and their family members to a person certified as a person with a disability by an authorized medical authority. Read on tax exemptions from filing income tax [...]

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Some do’s and dont’s while giving/taking cash

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Overview Cash transactions, which were free for everyone (sometimes free to be exploited) are now in check. There's a threshold limit to the transactions and the law would penalize who breaks it. The penalty is very heavy and could be up to 100% of the transaction. This initiative was carried out to curb black money transactions [...]

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5 Heads of Income Tax

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Introduction  As per the Section 14 Income Tax Act,1961, there are five main income tax heads for an individual. The computation of income tax is an important part and has to be calculated according to the income of a person. For a hassle-free calculation, the income has to be classified properly so that there is no confusion regarding [...]

Taxability on Dividend Income

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Introduction A dividend is a payment that is declared by a company's board of directors & it is to be given out to its shareholders out of the company's current or retained earnings. The company that offers dividends to their shareholders are most often companies that have progressed beyond the growth rate & no longer benefit [...]

NSC Interest Income Taxability

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Introduction National Savings Certificates are one of secure investment available at all Indian post-offices. These certificates are designed for salaried employees and businessmen, and they produce fixed income like fixed deposits. Any individual can invest for up to 10 years under this scheme. There are two different issues of NSCs include NSC- VIII and NSC IX [...]

Form 16A

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Form 16A refer as a  TDS Certificate which specifies TDS amount deducted and deposited on other payments except salary. Although TDS on salaries is deducted at the average rate of estimated income (according to the Slab rates ), TDS on all other payments like TDS on interest, TDS on Rent etc. is to be deducted at the rates [...]