1. If any mentioned schedule is not valid or not applicable write “NA” against it.
  2. If any other mentioned item is not valid or applicable to you write “NA” against that item also.
  3. ‘Nil’ should be denoted against those figures which have the nil value.
  4. As per the form you have to write ‘-‘ in front of every negative figure.
  5. No figures should be left in points. Every figure should be rounded up to the nearest rupee.


Following sequence should be followed as per the income tax department:

  1. Part A
  2. Schedule
  3. Part B
  4. Verification or authentication of documents.

Ways to file ITR 7 form

There are various ways in which one can file the ITR 7 form with the income tax department. These ways include offline and online mode. They have been explained further in detail.

Offline mode- In this return is filed in tangible paper form with furnishing bar code on them. This includes paperwork and documents.

Online mode- In online mode, use of the digital signature certificate is required for furnishing the details. After this, the data will be sending electronically and then verification of the return in return form ITR 5 should be submitted. The assessee should take print out of two copies while electronically filing IT return and one of the copies should be signed by the assessee and posted to Electronic city office (Bengaluru), Karnataka.

The other copy will be maintained by the assessee for his personal use.

Those firms are obliged to furnish their returns electronically using their digital signature certificate. These are those firms whose accounts needs to get audited as per the provisions of the act.

One point should be kept in mind that when the return is filed on paper, the acknowledgment slip should be maintained and duly signed.

No annexure required

While filing the return in form ITR 7, no other documents should be attached with the return. If the sender of the return attach such documents with the return then first that documents will be detached from the return and will be sensed back to the person filing the return. It is necessary for all the persons filing return to go as per the provisions and rules and regulations which are maintained by the income tax department.

Important point to remember

It should be remembered by every person that if any person will make any false or incorrect information in the return, then as per income tax act of 1961 that person will be liable to get prosecuted with fine or imprisonment.

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