Registration procedure of Private Limited Company


A private limited company is the most common form of business entity in India. It is easy to maintain and raise funds, offers limited liability to its members, offers flexibility, easy bank loan accessibility. The registration procedure of a Private Limited Company is a little bit complex but can be done by […]

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Public Company Registration Requirements


The pre-requisites for public company registration as follows:

Shareholders (Members)

  • There shall be at least 7 members/shareholders in the public company. There is no upper limit for the maximum no. of the shareholder.
  • Any natural, artificial person, LLP, OPC or any other registered public company can become […]
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Right Name for Company Registration


There is a number of bodies corporate such as Limited liability partnership, one person company and the private limited company which is registered under the ministry of the corporate affair in India (MCA). MCA regulates the functioning of all the company and the LLP. The information of all these entities is […]

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Registration Process for Registered Office Services


Every company on and from the fifteenth day of the incorporation should have a registered office which will be capable of receiving all the necessary information and notices.

  1. Within a period of thirty days of incorporation, every company should send the documents to its registered office to the registrar of […]
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