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What is Business Loans?

Each business has its own particular set of demand so we have a committed team of experts who work with you to figure out the specific nature of your work and design solutions most convenient for you.

LegalRaasta offers complete bouquet of working capital facilities to help you conduct your cash flow and assure smooth functioning of your business.

How to apply for Business Loans

Advantages of Business Loans

  • Brief and convenient process.
  • Personalised and malleable financial results.
  • Customer-adaptable services.

Minimum Requirements for Business Loans


> ₹ 30 Lakhs



12 Months

Documents required for Business Loans





Frequently asked questions

1. Types of Business Loans Available?
Short Term Loans

A loan which is scheduled to be paid in maximum 1 year. When your business isn’t entitle for a line of credit from financial lenders, you might still have success in getting money from then in the form of a short-term loan (less than a year) to finance your short period working capital needs.

Long Term Loans

Business Term Loans are the definitive commercial loan, commonly used for major investment in the business or in an asset addition. These loans often have fixed interest rates, along with monthly or quarterly instalments schedules and a set maturity date.

Startup Business Loans

If you have a great new business idea for the first time, and you deficit in capital? We understand getting new business loans is always challenging, but we may be able to assist you and your new business with the loans you require.

Credit Line Or Line Of Credit

Business lines of credit are literally unsecured debt, you don’t have to provide collateral or assets, which the lender can sell to claim in case of default. This concept is similar to a business credit card, but getting a cash advance from a credit card is typically pricier.

2. How can Business Loans Help You?

Anyone who owns a business knows :

It takes money to make money. That makes access to working capital necessary — whether you’re just incorporated or have big plans to grow your existing business. In fact, just about every business requires an extra working capital from time to time to make changes in the business. When this situation arise, Business Loans might be the best option. As at LegalRaasta you get business loans very smoothly.

3. How Does Business Loans Works?
On occasions when in your business you just need some extra capital or big capital instantly. At LegalRaasta as a matter of fact you can get finance quickly.
But how can you find financing that your business can afford?
We deal with all sorts of business here at LegalRaasta, and we’ve got some wavelength into which application lead to which loans. Take a look at what you need to qualify. This will help you figure out whether a term loan is the right product for you or not.
4. What Will a Business Loan Cost?
The rate of Business Loans is affected by various ways:
  • What type of Loan you are choosing?
  • Annual Turnover of your company
  • How long you want the loan?
  • What is the credit score of your company?
  • Time is business
5. Who Can Qualify For Business Loans?
Numerous of business can apply for Business Loans as long as you meet all the minimum requirement. Not all types of Business Loans have the same interest rate, length of the term and loan size. It all depends on your Business Revenues, Credit Rating and Time in Business.
In some cases credit score is mandatory due to its Long Term nature.

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I had to just fill 1-one at LegalRaasta. They automatically searched across 50+ partner banks and NBFCs and gave the best deal to me. They saved me a lot of effort and cost.

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I had taken loan for the first time online. Instant assistance and patience from team LegalRaasta helped me apply and get loan easily. Will definitely recommend LegalRaasta.

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I am very satisfied with the services and business relation with LegalRaasta. It was easy and simple to get any information regarding loan from them.

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