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Overview about POSH Compliance

The POSH Compliance doesn’t only imply to the fulfillment of the Sexual Harassment of Women towards the work place act, in the year 2012. However, it is going beyond that point for ensuring a safe work environment which is not only covering females but also the males. However, it also goes beyond this level to ensure a safer work environment not only for females but also for males. Posh Compliance act was introduced for the prevention as well as the protection of females against sexual harassment in the workplace. So, under this act, every firm needs to comply with all the regulations, being set forth within the act. Under the condition of non-compliance, there can be the imposition of a heavy monetary penalty. Our organization is here to assist the company’s employees with regard to POSH Compliance for the business.

Requisite Documentation

  •  The sexual harassment complaint launched by the victim
  •  Supporting documentation/evidence rendered by the victim for example emails, text, or messages
  •  Record of statement during the enquiry course, which includes witnesses
  •  The final reporting made by ICC by inquiry completion

Process for Posh Compliance

Private Limited Companies Registration Process

Formulating Internal Compliant Committee

Every firm with a 10+ workforce needs to formulate ICC for dealing with complaints regarding sexual harassment.

Training & Awareness

The employer should carry out the training as well as the awareness session for preventing sexual harassment in the workplace.

Written Policy

The employer should be in the position to create a written policy for the prevention of sexual harassment in the workplace.

Compliant procedure

When the employee will be experiencing sexual harassment, they are in the position of filing a complaint with ICC (in writing or orally).


The ICC will be investing in the complaint as well as providing opportunities for both complainant as well as accused for presenting the story side.


If ICC finds sexual harassment taking place, then appropriate action will be taken against the perpetrator. This will include disciplinary action like warnings, suspension as well and termination.

Prevention & Support

The ICC needs to take appropriate steps for the prevention of sexual harassment incidents as well as provide support to the victims.

What is included in our POSH Compliance Package?

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Frequently Asked Questions

The POSH Compliance means the adherence to preventing sexual harassment devising internal compliance committee as well as employees training.

POSH compliance means that each & every organization should adhere to the posh act. There should be a clear policy regarding instances of sexual harassment.

The three main components concerning the POSH Act include prevention, prohibition as well as redressal sexual harassment at the workplace.

Yes, the formation of the Internal Complaint Committee under the POSH act is compulsory at the workplace with 10 or greater of employees.


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