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What is TEC(Telecommunication Engineering Centre) Certificate?

TEC works with the Government of India's Department of Telecommunications (DoT) to implement various standards for the safe and secure use of emerging technologies in telecommunications, as well as telecom equipment quality measures, telecom products, networks, and services.

Testing for compliance to Essential Requirements for the equipment will be performed by Indian Accredited Labs approved by TEC, and a certificate will be granted based on their test reports.So, in order to sell or import used telecom equipment in India, you must first go through rigorous testing and certification.

SRs are divided into three categories: generic requirements, interface requirements, and service requirements.

Types of TEC Certification

Type Approval

As part of the Type Approval process, TEC tests and certifies telecom products against the Generic Requirement (GR) requirements set forth in its Test Schedule & Test Procedure (TSTP). In addition to on-site testing, ILAC signatory labs can do lab testing as well.

Interface Approval

Interface Approval is the process of testing and certifying a telecom product in accordance with TEC's Test Schedule & Test Procedure (TSTP) forInterface Requirement (IR) product compliance and is required for Licence requirements, Government agencies, or service providers. Testing takes place on-site at the OEM's premises, in a lab environment, or at ILAC signatory recognized labs.

Certificate of Approval (CoA)

This is the process of testing and certifying a telecom product according to the manufacturer's specifications. Test reports from ILAC signatory accredited labs or on-site testing at the OEM's premises are accepted.

Technology Approval

Technology approval is the process of testing and certification of a prototype of a telecom product generated by C-DoT or other R&D organizations.Test reports from ILAC signatory accredited labs or on-site testing at the OEM's premises are accepted.

Technical Specification Evaluation Certification (TSEC) by BSNL

Obtaining a BSNL TSEC certificate is a time-consuming and labor-intensive process that includes laboratory testing of equipment functionality, environmental testing, and infrastructure assessment.

Documents Required for TEC Approval

Product, brand, and model (series specifications) The product's name.
Proof of the manufacturing unit's address is required for TEC certification.
If the manufacturing unit is not the owner of the trademark, an authorization letter from the trademark owner is required.
Product samples (vade macum and accessories, for example) for TEC certification.
Components of the safety criticals, as well as the equipment's PCB design and circuit diagram.
TEC approval requires a bill of materials (BoM).
Authorised Indian Representative (AIR) information (for international manufacturers).
The corporation granted an authorization letter for MTCTE duties (Indian OEM and AIR for Foreign OEM).
Articles of Association (AoA) & Memorandum of Association (MoA).
List of Members of the board of directors/shareholders.
Agreement between a foreign OEM and an Indian agent (AIR) for the sale of a product in India.

List of Products Which Require TEC Certification

  • Radio broadcast receivers
  • HF radio
  • Mobile radio trunking system
  • LAN switch
  • Smart camera
  • Soft switch
  • Signaling gateway
  • Mobile user equipment
  • Compact cellular network
  • Session border controller
  • Router
  • Tracking devices
  • Smart electricity meter
  • Cordless telephone
  • IP Security Equipment
  • DSL Equipments
  • Signalling Gateway
  • Session Border Controller
  • Repeater for Cellular Network
  • Base Station for Cellular Network
  • Compact Cellular Network
  • Mobile User Equipment
  • PON Family of Broadband Equipments
  • loT Gateway
  • Smart Watch
  • Satellite Communication Equipments
  • Feedback Device
  • IP Multimedia Conferencing Equipment
  • End Point Device for Environmental Monitoring
  • Modem and others

Process of TEC Certification

1. Fill out the Application

To obtain TEC certification, the applicant must first register on the MTCTE portal for login credentials and fill out the application form along with all essential papers.

2. Examination of Application

Scrutiny of the TEC certification application and papers for deficiencies, which should be remedied before submitting the form and documents again.

3. Submission of Equipment Details

The next stage is to submit the Telecom / ICT Equipment to the site for testing/certification by specifying critical details of the product for TEC approval such as variant, interfaces, models, datasheet along with Bill of material (BOM) and manufacturing location(s).

4. Making Fee

Following the submission of the TEC certification application, the next step is to pay the testing fee.

5. Product Testing

On the portal, the applicant can select Conformity Assessment Bodies (CAB) for testing of Telecom/ICT equipment products and must upload the test result to obtain an online undertaking of its acceptance.

6. Examining the Test Report

If the submitted test findings are judged to be compliant, the TEC certificate will be issued.

7. Certificate Issuance

If all test reports and equipment meet the stipulated standards, TEC Certification will issue a certificate within 30 days.

Benefits of TEC Certification

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Frequently Asked Questions

A TEC Certificate Number is a special ID that is received upon certification and can be used on equipment to reassure customers that the item complies with the requirements for Telecommunication Equipment.

For testing and TEC certification of numerous models, the BoM is necessary and includes information on all models. BoM stands for Bill of Material and provides information about all major modules and components of the model being offered.

Field evaluation of goods and systems, national fundamental plans, support for the DoT on technology concerns, and testing and certification of telecom products used for import and sale of telecom equipment in India are among the activities covered by TEC.

When test findings are good, the Telecommunication Engineering Centre is entitled to issue the TEC Certificate, which is required for the sale and purchase of items and services linked to telecommunication in India.

We offer TEC Certification service in India for a full end-to-end solution for TEC Type Approvals, including liaison with the TEC authority, which entails detailed application preparation, submission, responding to occasional clarification requests, making multiple visits to the TEC authority, signing agreement documents, and testing telecom equipment from designated TEC labs with a comprehensive response to TEC-MTCTE-related questions with the aid of highly experienced professionals.


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