A Trademark is a protection which is available for certain names, symbols, devices, or words that will be used in connection with a good or service. So, if any specific mark is associated with a service then it is said to be a “Service Mark” though trademark is commonly used to refer to both marks associated with services and goods. Behind the Trademark filing, the main purpose is to allow companies and individuals to indicate the source of their goods or services and to distinguish them from others in the industry. In this article, we will let you know the Trademark classes of goods and services.

Trademark classes of Goods and Services: An Overview

Trademark Registration in India follows a particular procedure which requires the Entrepreneur to define the class of the goods or services of their company. An estimated Eighty Thousand products (80,000 products) have been covered in the classes of goods and services. There are different types of Trademark classes of goods and services acceptable in India. They range from names to arbitrary words (self-invented included) to any combination including letters and numbers to monograms to a combination of colors to shapes or marks.

When you visit ‘McDonalds’ or ‘Starbucks’ you must have noticed a particular symbol/logo that they use or a tagline like “I’m loving’ it ” by McDonald or the half-bitten apple of company ‘Apple’ are few examples of famous trademarks.

Trademark classes of goods and services list are essential and are long enough. List of the Trademark classes is mentioned below:—

Trademark classes of Goods

Class 1. Any kind of Chemicals that are used in Industries, science or photography, even chemicals used in agriculture, horticulture and forestry, also the adhesives used in Industry, unprocessed plastics, chemical substances involved inedible substances.

Class 2. Any kind of paints or varnishes, any preservative used against rust and damage of wood, metals used in foil and powder form used by painters, decorators or printers, even mordant and colorants.

Class 3. Substances used in laundry, also cleaning and polishing; and has chemical applications, soaps, perfumes, oils, any kind of cosmetics.

Class 4. All industrial greases and oils, any kind of lubricants, wetting or binding compositions, all fuels and candles and wicks.

Class 5. medical preparations (Veterinary and Pharmaceutical, including sanitary preparations also, any dietetic substance), baby food, plasters, dressing material, disinfectants, dental wax, preparations to destroy vermin.

Class 6. Common Metals and alloys, any material used for metal building; non-electric cables and wires (all of the common metals), pipes and tubes and other small metal hardware, also ones are included

Class 7. Machines and their tools, motors or engines (land vehicles not included), incubators (for eggs) and agriculture machines (hand operated not included).

Class 8. Hand tools, cutlery, razors, and side arms.

Class 9. Any instrument and apparatus used in science, navigation, Photography, Cinematography, optics, weights and measurements, signals, supervision, life-saving and/or teaching, also conducting, transforming, switching, regulating, transmitting or reproduction of sound or images; any kind of magnetic data carriers or recording discs, vending machines(automatic) and any coin-operated apparatus; computers, cash registers, calculating machines and fire-extinguishing apparatus.

Class 10. Any kind of medical apparatus including surgical, dental and veterinary instruments and apparatus, artificial limbs or eyes or teeth; Orthopedic articles also included.

Class 11. Any lighting, steam generating, heating, drying, cooking, refrigerating, ventilating, sanitary or water supply related appliances and apparatus.

Class 12. Vehicles and apparatus for locomotion (in/by land, air or water).

Class 13. Fireworks, Firearms, Explosives, and ammunition (also projectiles).

Class 14. Any precious metal and its alloy and any goods made of that precious metal or even coated with, jewels and ornaments and precious stones; also chronometric instruments.

Class 15. Any Musical Instrument.

Class 16. Cardboard and paper; any goods made from them; printed matter, photographs and all stationary given that they are not included in any other classes, adhesives (at the household level), paint brushes, office requisites; teaching material (excluding any kind of apparatus), printing blocks and plastic material for packaging.

Class 17. Rubber, mica, gutta-percha, asbestos, gum and any goods made from these, packing, insulating and stopping materials, extruded plastics, pipes (flexible and not made up of metals).

Class 18. Leather any kind of its limitation, any goods from this material, trunks, hides, animal skins, and traveling bags; parasols, umbrellas, and walking sticks also harness and whips.

Class 19. Non- metallic building materials, rigid pipes again non-metallic and used for building purposes; bitumen, asphalt, and pitch; monuments, not of metal.

Class 20. Mirrors, furniture, picture frames; any goods of wood, reed, cork, wicker, cane, bone, horn, whalebone, ivory, amber, shell, meerschaum, mother-of-pearl or any kind of their substitutes, also plastics given that they are not included in any other class.

Class 21. Household utensils and containers (including kitchen), sponges and combs; brushes(excluding paint brushes) and materials included in their making; steel wool and unprocessed glass, porcelain and glassware; also earthenware.

Class 22. Tents, nets, strings, ropes, tarpaulins, awnings, sacks, sails, bags (which are excluded from other classes); stuffing and padding materials; raw textile materials (fibrous).

Class 23. Threads and Yarns (textile use).

Class 24. Textile and their goods; bed covers and table covers.

Class 25. Footwear, clothing, and headgear.

Class 26. Ribbons, Embroidery, Lace, and braid; hooks and buttons, needles and pins; artificial flowers.

Class 27. Mats, rugs, carpets and matting, linoleum and other similar materials used for covering existing floors and also wall-hangings which are non-textile.

Class 28. Sporting and gymnastic articles; games and any kind of playthings given that they are not included in other classes and also decorations for Christmas Trees.

Class 29. Fish, meat, poultry; meat extracts; dried, cooked, frozen edibles (fruits and vegetables), jellies, jams; eggs, milk, and its products, oil (edible).

Class 30. Tea, coffee, rice, sugar, tapioca, artificial coffee, and sago; bread, flour, pastry and confectionery; honey, ices, yeast, treacle, salt, baking powder, mustard, sauces, vinegar, spices, and ice.

Class 31. Products from agriculture, forest and horticulture, and grains gave that they are not included in other classes; fresh vegetables and fruits; live animals; seeds; plants and flowers (natural); food product for animals.

Class 32. Mineral and aerated water; Non-alcoholic drinks and beers; fruit juices and drinks; syrups and preparation for beverages.

Class 33. Alcoholic drinks (excluding beers).

Class 34. Smoking articles, Tobacco, and matches.

Trademark classes of Services

Class 35. Business Management; advertising; business administration and other office functions.

Class 36. Financial affairs, Insurance; Monetary affairs; real estate affairs.

Class 37. Repair, Building construction, Installation Services.

Class 38. Telecommunications

Class 39. Packaging and storage of goods; Transport.

Class 40. Treatment of Materials.

Class 41. Providing training; Entertainment; sporting; Education and other cultural activities.

Class 42. Technological and scientific services; industrial analysis and research services; development of computer hardware and software and their designing.

Class 43. Services related to providing drinks and food or temporary accommodation.

Class 44. Any kind of Medical services (including Veterinary, hygienic and beauty services) both for humans and animals; horticulture, agriculture, and forest services.

Class 45. Legal and security services; personal and social services.

So, if you are seeking a trademark of Goods and Services make sure that you read all the classes carefully. Then select the class of your goods and services. LegalRaasta will be more happy to assist you.

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