Trademark Registration Cost

Trademark is a sign or a symbol used by one businessman to distinguish their goods and services from other businesses. It is commonly used by various entrepreneurs in today’s market. An individual, business or legal entity can be an owner of the trademark. We can see many businesses using their trademark or the packaging of the product or on the product itself. It provides you with the protection against your goods brand or mark from other people using it. The person owning the trademark can pursue legal action against any person for using his trademark. Trademark registration cost involves a lot of steps and various costs.

Trademark registration cost is categorized into two parts i.e. government fees and professional fees. The difference between government and professional fees is that government fees are same all over India whereas professional fees depend on individuals.

Note: A good professional should be hired by any person who wants to receive a registration certificate. A good professional will give you guidance from time to time. Hiring a profound professional will lead to fewer chances of errors and omissions.

Cost of digital signature certificate

The cost of registration per application is about Rs.4000.  If any person is registering its brand or register logo under many categories, then he/she have to pay Rs.4000 per category.

Registration cost

There are different fees that will be charged for marks, series of marks and associated marks and they will be charged for each class. Further registration in convention countries will have higher charges. Fees to file a single mark in a single class costs Rs.2500/- and in each additional class costs Rs.2500 per class while registering a collective mark costs Rs.10000/-. Registration of marks in a convention country costs Rs.10000/- with additional charges for registration in each class. Further, for international registration under the Madrid Protocol, separate fees will be charged by the World Intellectual Property Rights Organisation(WIPO) for registration in each WIPO member country that you want to register in.

Professional fees

 It is seen that many applications got rejected due to registering the already existing marks. Therefore, it is always preferred to hire a professional for the registration process. Regarding trademark registration or trademark database or availability of different logo, an intellectual property lawyer can be hired as he will give proper advice about all the legal matters involved.

Legal fees for objection

 Sometimes the application filed get rejected by the government.  The reason for the objection by the government is because of already existing brand name or logo symbol. Every person who is registering trademark should use a unique name or symbol. In a case of objection by the government, you need to hire a lawyer.

Legal fees for opposition

The opposition is similar to that of objection. The difference between the two is that opposition is from other third parties and objection is from the government. Various third parties or competitors put allegations on business firms who want to obtain the registration regarding using similar logos or symbols. Allegations are also put regarding that if the application will be accepted, will lead to a violation of intellectual property right. It leads to paying fees amounting to Rs.8000-Rs 10000.

Renewal Fees

Fees will be charged for renewal of marks for each mark in each class costs Rs.5000/- but a renewal of a collective mark costs Rs.10000/-.

Rectification or removal of a trade mark costs Rs.3000/-.

On acquisition of a trademark and registration

(a) Within 6 months: Rs.5000/ for first mark and Rs.1000/- for every additional mark.

(b) Within 6 – 12 months: Rs.7500/- for first mark and Rs.1500/- for every additional mark.

(c) After 12 months: Rs.10000/- for first mark and Rs.2000/- for every additional mark.