Get Your PAN, TAN registration within 24hrs

PAN refers to the Permanent Account Number. Its primary function is to prevent tax evasion by keeping a complete track of monetary transactions. TAN registration refers to the Tax deduction Account Number. It enables the assessee who has made payment to claim the tax deducted in their Income tax return. It is a unique, [...]

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List of Required Documents for Patent Registration in India

The Patent Act, 1970 governs the Patent system in India. Patent Registration in India grants absolute rights to an inventor or an assignee for a duration of 14 years. After this, the patent goes to public domain. A Patent is a territorial right. It excludes third parties from infringement, so it can be termed as [...]

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Registration Process of an Indian Producer Company

Part IXA of Companies (Amendment) Act, 2002, deals with Indian Producer Company. The objective to introduce this concept was to formulate a legislation enabling incorporation of cooperatives as companies and conversion of existing. Indian Producer Company is a body corporate and have its objectives/activities specified under Section 581B. Some of the activities are as [...]

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Difference between One Person Company and Sole-Proprietorship

Sole-proprietorship The simplest form of business carried on by individuals who are personally liable for debts. A sole proprietorship is not a legal entity like a partnership or a corporation. One can start a business by obtaining necessary licenses and tax identification numbers.  A sole-proprietor can start a business under his name or under [...]

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Starting NGO in India

The non-government organization aims at delivering social services to the society at large. These organizations need healthy relations with the public and strong campaigning through volunteers.  They aim at creating awareness and knowledge among people regarding social obligations. Starting NGO is no easy task, you need to be cautious and right thinking of conceptualization is [...]

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How To Register an NGO In India?

An NGO is a not-for-profit organization or a voluntary citizen’s group working towards social causes or various interests. NGOs perform a variety of services, humanitarian efforts for different sections of the society and take grievances from the citizens to the government. There are around 2 million NGOs in India, which is the reason why [...]

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