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Franchise Business Opportunity

Become a LegalRaasta franchisee / partner and increase your presence & sales

Franchisee Partner

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Benefits of becoming a LegalRaasta Franchisee

  • Earn from all LegalRaasta services together with registrations, return filing & loans.
  • Set your own valuation, hours of operation & more.
  • Online marketing programs to assist you to expand the business.
  • 100% efficient/automatic processes that increase client satisfaction.
  • Dedicated native support groups to assist you to develop your business.
  • LegalRaasta shares work with you for customers in your locale.
  • Training and education on all services.
  • Local and national advertising, which will assist you to grow your business.

What is the process?

  • Fill the franchisee/partnership firm. Our team will get in touch with you and send an email with all the necessities.
  • If you qualify, we will go to share the agreement. Send a signed copy back to LegalRaasta.
  • You will get customers from local marketing and Digital Marketing.
  • LegalRaasta will help to arrange the franchisee: Provide training, Share marketing materials, and making the online posting, and so forth.
  • Incomes are shared between LegalRaasta and the franchisee at a predetermined rate.
  • LegalRaasta will help to set up the franchisee with different franchise thoughts.

Why go for LegalRaasta franchisee program?

Over 10+ years experience

LegalRaasta founders have been serving from 10+ years as veteran CAs & consultants. Our franchisees benefit from this experience & support which makes it one of the most profitable franchises among people.

Brand Strength

LegalRaasta is a respected brand amongst SMEs, Cas & professionals. It is a lot easier for our franchise to attract new customers given this brand recall!

Best in Class Training

All our franchises get training through our experts, videos & material. We ensure that you appear professional & knowledgeable to the customer

Higher revenues

You need to fill our FSSAI application form and provide details about your food business. We share work related to return filing, registration & other financial services with you. Clients desiring in-person meetings are also directed to you.

LegalRaasta Support

You get full support from LegalRaasta in handling customer queries & processing work. Take a franchise from LegalRaasta and experience it on your own. By franchising your business with LegalRaasta you will not just able to give a boost to your business but also be able to earn more profit.

Affiliation & systems

LegalRaasta is a registered e-filing intermediary. We have a system & infrastructure to process client work

Why Choose LegalRaasta

30+ Offices in India

10+ Years Experience

Economical and Fast

Money Back Guarantee

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