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  • Examine Details- Includes examination of every single possible detail, including the potential uses of the invention across industries and certain benefits over existing products

  • Drafting of Application by experts.

  • Filing of Application to the Registrar- On approval of an equivalent, one can utilize ‘Patent Pending’ on the product

Provisional Patent

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.


A Provisional Patent application is an interim tread on the road to a patent. It’s effective because by filing an appropriate provisional application an individual can showcase the innovation unafraid of losing his patent rights, obtaining money to continue with improvements and further patent activities. One of the most significant legal documents while applying for patent enrollment is a provisional specification or complete determination. To extend the probabilities of obtaining patent registration, a provision specification are often filed alongside a patent registration if the applicant feels that the creation has arrived at a phase wherein it is often disclosed on paper, but has not attained the ultimate stage.

Documents Required to Register Copyright

  • Form 1 ( Application for grant of patent)
  • Form 2 (Provisional Specifications)
  • Form 5 ( Declaration of Inventorship)
  • Form 26 (Power of Attorney). If your patent is filed by a Patent Agent then this form is necessary.
  • E-filing fees (Patent Statutory fee)
  • Form 3 (Corresponding foreign patent application statement and undertakings)
  • Priority Document ( This is used for convention applications if the priority date is claimed).
  • Illustrations/Drawings of the invention.


  • Legal Protection
  • Global Patent Protection
  • 20-year validity
  • Competitive Edge
  • Creation of Asset

Components of Provisional Patent Specification

The Provisional Specification is generally clarified under two topics, i.e. ‘Title’ which should decently catch features of the invention and will be short and to the purpose. Further Description begins with the Preamble and contains the sector and object of the invention.

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