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Employee Deposit Linked Scheme (EDIL)

Vulnerabilities of life in the cutting-edge world have made getting sufficient insurance cover crucial for each person. This is particularly significant for private-sector employees who are not able to enjoy social security benefits as enjoyed by public sector employees. To expand the advantages of life insurance to private area employees, government in the year 1976 introduced the Employees Deposit Linked [...]

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Form 38 – A mandatory document for trading

Until Form 38 was introduced, manufacturers and distributors utilized Form 31 to import goods and export across states. Upon the disposal of Form 31, Form 38 was presented. Very much like the limits between the nations and the rules to import and export goods across these borders, there are likewise limits between the states in a country. FORM 38 Form [...]

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Ind AS 115 : Revenue From Contracts With Customers

Recognition of revenue is the most essential accounting policy which can directly impact the company’s financial performance. Ind AS 115 lays down rules and new requirements for recognition of revenue which can be new or can be different from the already existing revenue recognition standards provided Ind AS 115 Revenue from contracts with customers deals with the recognition of revenue [...]

Section 269ST of Income Tax Act

Black money is a major threat to the Indian economy. Section 269St was inserted in Income Tax Act,1961 to curb the problems caused by black money. Black money has been a major threat to our economy. Many taxpayers use only cash transactions in order to evade their tax liabilities and their responsibility towards the country. Cash transactions are not very [...]

Virtual Payment Address

Virtual Payment Address also touches on as VPA is a type of product like an email-ID, which is described to the mortal by using the Unified Payment Interface (UPI) services to allocate or obtain the money. With UPI, fund transmits can be commenced without IFSC code or bank account number. So, VPA is necessarily the only segment of information needed [...]

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7th Pay Commission- Current News

The Pay Commission was settled up to recommend interchanges in the salary formation of central government workers. The 7th pay commission led by AK Mathur was to be executed in January of 2016. The 7th pay commission delineation recommended a 23.55% hike in the pay and allotments across all sectors. Government employees anxiously waiting for the execution of the 7th pay commission [...]